Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

September 23, 2011

Does It Make Any Sense to Drill In the Everglades?

Lately it seems, an increasing number of elected officials are in favor of drilling in one of the most sensitive Ecosystems on the Planet, the Everglades.
Bachmann wants to drill there and she doesn't even live here.
How could she possibly understand the impact that this action could have?
Then Scott jumped on the bandwagon, saying it might be a good idea, only to recant a few days later, after the fire was lit under him.
Crist even said it might be feasible once and also recanted quickly.
Don't these people see the ongoing impact of the Gulf Disaster as a warning sign of the likely negative possibilities that this move could have on the entire region?
When will the people with all the power start acting like responsible adults, instead of like greedy little children fighting for their own way in the sand box?
We who are not paid elected officials, can see the big picture, when will the politicians?

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  1. Does It Make Any Sense to Drill In the Everglades?

    Absolutely not, and that oil pipeline they want to build over the Ogallala aquifer is a stupid idea as well.

    It amazes me that after what happened in the Gulf they can still say everything will be okay with a straight face.