Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

January 15, 2012

Beginning A New Way of Thinking

This week, Goldie Hawn was a guest on Dr. Oz and as they talked, he remarked on her youthful appearance for her age.
(She is, by the way, my age and I have always found her to be a kindred spirit)
He asked her to what she attributed this and she said that each day she finds five reasons to be grateful and that in doing so, the resultant positive mind set contributes to keeping her healthy and happy.
She has written a new book and has an organization devoted to the subject.
I have always found Goldie to be a positive, intelligent, happy person and have admired her since the late 1960's, when first I saw her in the very silly Laugh-In.

So these are the five things that I am grateful for today:

The person that I share my life with died a few days ago and was brought back to life by a machine in his chest.

The person and the puppy
The puppy that we brought home to help us recover from the tremendous grief
of losing another of her kind is healthy, happy and full of irrepressible joy.

 A field near our home was recently overrun with dozens of Sandhill Cranes.  

Sandhill Cranes
There are so many birds at our window eating, that they have to take a number.
The sun is shining and it is warmer today.
Now this list of five may seem strange to some, but Goldie did not say that it had to make sense to others, only to find five things that you are grateful for each day.
For today, these are mine.
Thank you Goldie. 

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