Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

April 14, 2012

Why Would You Want to Save a Tiny Lizard, When You Could Have Another Car Dealership?

In a world where money is king, animals
have to do the best that they can to survive.
A Florida Sand Skink
Here in Lake County, we have a perfect
arrangement for businesses to get around
those annoying Environmental protective laws
and deal with Endangered Species interference,
they simply donate a sum of money to go towards another area where this particular endangered animal is found and then they are free to build and kill at will.
Does anyone actually oversee this donating process or do we assume it will be done as specified?
God knows that we do not have enough Car Dealerships in Central Florida,
and we certainly should not let an animal stand in the way of new business.
I feel so bad, but not as bad as these tiny lizards who do not know that they are
about to be bulldozed to their deaths, so that a new Car Dealership can be built.
Can you say Boycott?

Until April 23rd, you can send FWS your thoughts at:
 northflorida@fws.gov     SUBJECT:  "Attn: permit number TE65123A-0"

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