Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

December 16, 2012

Keep Your Grimy, Greedy Paws Off Of Our State!

 A Florida Manatee
       A Florida Manatee

Today's posting is something that needs to be said for those of you who do not live in the  " Sunshine State. "
Today is simply the last straw, as far as I am concerned, with continual interference from outsiders, in what should concern only the residents of this state.
This latest affront comes from a California group trying to interfere in Florida wildlife matters.
This time it is about our beloved Endangered Manatees and this group wants to have them taken off of the Endangered Species List because too many boaters and others are being "inconvenienced" by the rules put in place to protect them.
This mess will end up in court, of course and will take time to hash out, but that is not what is most important here.
What matters most, is that once again an outsider is trying to take control away from Florida about something they should have no business in control of to begin with.
The beautiful Silver Springs area is being run by a California company and there is a lot of confusion right now about exactly what is to become of this natural wonder.
California has a contract to keep running the tour boats there for many years to come, so who knows what will become of the Springs.
And then there is, again, a California water bottling company here in Lake County that has been allowed to set up their company for  "free" and drain our precious water supply to send it out of state and all over the country.
We have had a serious drought here this year and water levels are at dangerous levels right now and yet this out of state company continues pumping it out of the ground, " for free. "
It is exasperating for those who are trying so hard to protect the fragile eco-systems here, only to see the complete disrespect shown by these outsiders for everything that we treasure.
One thing is very clear to all of us though, money and greed are at the root of it all.
Those with the most money, are buying the right to run amuck in our state and we are losing this wondrous place that we love to greedy outsiders.

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