Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

January 20, 2013

Who Will Cry For The Animals?

Today is a very sad day for my family, as one its most admired members has passed.
Over the past three days, there have been so many prayers, kind words
and loving thoughts posted on each of our Facebook pages, which is
of course, to be expected at this time of sorrow and remembrance.
But last night, knowing that today at the church most of this part of my family attends,
there will be much said and done to show affection and respect for this person, that
instead of sleeping, I was thinking about all of the animals who die every day
and wondered if anyone will cry or pray for them.
Sadly, many animals die at the hands of humans for their body parts;
their tusks, fur, skins, antlers, horns, and appendages,
others die merely for sport and saddest of all,  some die just for spite.
Does anyone cry for any of them?
Do you? If not, why not?
Are not their lives just as important as a humans?
My hope in writing about what must seem ghastly, or even repugnant to some,
or perhaps all, is that maybe you might have never thought about this before.
So, if you have not, maybe today, you will think about an animal that you know
has died and feel sad, or maybe even shed a tear for it.
And I am not talking about our pets when I say this, I am talking about animals that
you know nothing about, you know, the one with no names or families to love them.
Maybe today will be the day you choose to help stop the needless deaths
of so many animals on this planet, who have no voice.
Will this be the day that you choose to become a voice for the voiceless
and just maybe, perhaps cry for them when they die?

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