Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

March 17, 2013

Wildlife and Wildplaces Have New Champions

 Elephants in Kenya
A new program at the World Wildlife Organization is bringing together Spiritual Leaders from all over the world who are in agreement about the need to protect our wildplaces and wildlife.
This unexpected partnership could have a tremendous impact for one very good reason, who would be dumb enough to go against their spiritual leaders to poach animals or trample sacred places?
The group has already had a positive impact in Thailand, where Elephants being slaughtered for their ivory was rampant.
Recent activity on this issue in the Social Media has produced over 1.5 million opposing voices from countries all over the world who helped sway the opinions of the Leaders in Thailand.
Facebook, Online petitions, Twitter and the like, are working wonders putting the messages
out to a Global Audience who have overwhelmingly responded.
Please, don't ever believe that your voice, your actions, don't matter, it has just been proven, that they most certainly do, and we all need to keep doing it.

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