Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

January 16, 2015

We Are Their Only Hope

brownpelican1     bearcub2     blackrhino
Brown Pelican, Black Bear cub and Rhinos

It has been entirely too long since I have been  able to share any news about wildlife with all of you, so today’s posting will address several issues, I apologize and hope that you have a big pot of coffee nearby~
To begin and it is with great sadness that I share this, the state of Florida is entertaining the idea of allowing Bear Hunts.
Yes,  you did hear that correctly.
After I was promised by the “man at the top” only a year ago that this could and would NEVER happen, it was on our local news last night and again this morning.
They claim that since bears are no longer in severe shortage here in central Florida and have become a more or less, ” invasive species,”  something must be done to correct this problem, before someone gets killed.
They forget to mention the fact that over the past two years, MANY Bears have been killed for being proved of, or suspected of,  being “problem” Bears.
At no point has anyone pointed out that for nearly a century,  no one here, was ever killed by a black bear, just recently have these ugly situations started happening.
Can we please  say why?
People, Humans,  are, in record numbers, moving into all parts of the suburbs and shoving Bears out of their ancestral habitats, they are keeping food available that tempts the bears, even though they are repeatedly warned that doing this will only cause many more problems.
Of course the bears are always the ones to pay for the indiscriminate,  stupid and thoughtless behaviors of the Humans who live in Orlando’s Bear areas.
The news is constantly showing pictures of people feeding the bears, leaving pet food outside, leaving garage doors open with filled and open trash containers in them.
These behaviours have cost many bears their lives, but not a single human theirs.
So, now with another “incident”,  the answer in their minds,  is that an “open season” on the bears, will surely end the problem.
Stay tuned for the follow-up on this…
Next story
Brown  Pelicans are being butchered here.
When I left California in 1999,  I had hoped that I would never have to hear about this ugly behavior again.
Well, it is happening here right now.
Once again,  people who are yet unnamed, are attacking and maiming innocent Brown Pelicans,  local fishermen may be prime suspects.
In  South Florida and the Keys,  Brown Pelicans are being found that have been brutally attacked.
As always, more when it is learned, will be found here.
Next, a Florida Auction President in Boynton Beach has pleaded guilty in Miami to Wildlife trafficking.
His truly ugly, disturbing  and disgusting story is below.
And finally, for today,  the League of Women Voters has had their request to stop  the use of silencers on Florida hunting guns, rejected by a Judge.
Is anyone surprised about this?
It has been a pretty tough week for animals here in Florida.
But, the year is young and I refuse to give up hope.
As always, “we must speak for those with no voice, we are their only hope.”
Places to learn more:
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Brown Pelicans being attacked
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