Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

November 1, 2015

Breanna's Favorite Day!


Breanna’s Halloween Adventures!

Today this house is filled with joyful anticipation by our Airedale Breanna.
She has waited patiently all year for this day.
Last year because of all my cancer surgeries and countless trips to Gainesville, we all missed this much-beloved day/night.
But not tonight, not this year!
We have all the decorations up, thanks very kindly to Walkingfox.
The big Treat Bucket is full of little Bat and Pumpkin pretzels and ready for Breanna and I to hand out tonight to all who show up at our door.
Yes, many more embarrassing pictures will be taken once again.
We don’t get as many Ghost, Goblins, AKA little children as those who live in the city, but it does not matter, there are more than enough to thoroughly thrill this dog, who gets more joy out of this Holiday Event, than most children do.
We all hope that your day/night is filled with joy and happiness and that your treats will hopefully, outnumber your little goblins or visitors~
It is very scary when you run out of treats before the Ghouls, I mean kiddies, are gone.
You can be sure that for the special little girl in this house, who is the very center of our Universe and who has had a very tough year, tonight will be absolutely magical~
Happy Halloween to all of you from us:
Donna, Walkingfox and Breanna~
Oops forgot Ishi. She says DITTO!


  1. Haha, Great post Donna - nice surprise! A late but happy Halloween to you guys as well :O

  2. Thank you Sir Masado. Hope that yours was wonderful!