Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

January 12, 2016

Packing Up the Pachyderms~

A Circus elephant in 1930, a life spent in silent suffering and servitude!

It has been painful not being here, but the reasons were clearly out of my control.
2014 was a difficult year for me, but my issues were nothing compared to Breanna’s.
As of right this moment, we are both mended and well.
So, with a clear head, heart and body, today begins a new year and an eagerly awaited return to writing about the animals I care so deeply for on our Planet.
A story on our local news last night, was the best news I have heard about any animals in over a year, so I knew I would be writing this morning.
As with the ongoing clashes against Sea World and the toxic bread additives at Sub Way, once again, you, the dedicated Global Bloggers and Tweeters, have not only influenced, but absolutely crushed a source of wrong and helped to make it right.
Let this latest success be an inspiration for all those who care and want to make changes, be your positive reward for continuing to push on, even when it appears to be either a lost cause, or a battle that simply cannot be won against powerful businesses who harm or kill animals.
This time the Ringling Bros. Circus is claiming, or should we say shouting, “Uncle” at those who have relentlessly pursued them over their mistreatment, or down right cruelty to Elephants for years.
And as of last night, they have publicly announced that they will be retiring all of their Elephants this May, or a year and half earlier than planned, it is  hard to believe they admitted this, but said it was a direct result of the endless petitions, blogging and just plain hostile media blitzes against them, that “encouraged” them do this now.
The Circus Community has had Elephants in their shows since at least 1882, but the recent intense and ongoing  global outcry for them to be removed has, much like the movie Black Fish, been a huge causal factor in their decision to retire all of their Elephants to the Center for Elephant Conservation, near Tampa in Central Florida, which is NOT open to the public.
This Center has not been completely trouble-free and has had watch dog groups like the Humane Society and other always looking over their shoulders for any abuse or other.
This  retirement home for Elephants is fairly near us and we would like to take a trip soon, to see just how they are truly being treated and cared for there, only, of course, if this is permitted.
Hopefully, a report and/or pictures might also accompany the trip.
The millions who have worked so hard for so long to see this come to fruition, can at last know that these magnificent creatures will finally be allowed, after so many years of ill-treatment and suffering at the hands of humans, live in peace and safety in their well-earned retirement here in Central Florida.
Time to pack up the Pachyderms~

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