Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

May 9, 2012

An Introduction, Of Sorts!

Come say hello to the newest creature
to join Gator-Woman.com, the Seahorse.
A Dwarf Seahorse
A Dwarf Seahorse
 Photo graciously lent by
J. Jeffords/Dive Gallery

To be exact, the Dwarf Seahorse,
whose page is here: Dwarf Seahorse
At the present time, neither this Seahorse,
nor as far as I know, any other Seahorse,
is listed as an Endangered Species, but after
receiving a press release this week from
the Center for Biological Diversity about
the situation with the Dwarf Seahorse here in Florida,
I did some checking and decided to make them a page
in anticipation of what sadly may become Florida's
newest member on the Endangered Species List.
I sincerely hope that as was the case with the
Miami Blue Butterfly,  those in charge do not
wait until none can be found to finally list them.
Meet the fascinating Dwarf Seahorse

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