Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

May 27, 2012

Panthers Get Some Room to Breathe

Much of the recent news about the Florida Panther
has been either sad or bad, their tragic deaths resulting

The Florida Panther
from humans, machines or other Panthers.
But today it is all much better, even downright good.
A large chunk, nearly 1,300 acres, of prime real estate
in South West Florida has just been purchased and set
aside to become a "travel corridor" for the Florida Panther.
The land could have resulted in housing, but thankfully a
down market and pesky regulations, paved the way for the nearly
 $7 million sale that was paid for by Environmental groups,
Florida Fish and Wildlife and shut my mouth, Wal Mart.
If it had gone into auction, who knows what would have become of this priceless piece of land
that will now become a breath of new life for one of the worlds most Endangered animals.
It all sounds good, but still it bothers me that the property is now owned by a cattleman.
What happens when nature takes it course and some cattle are lost, as is to be expected?
Will this new owner understand this, or react as most cattle people have in the recent past
and demand punishment for the Panther?
Will this be the beginning of a good partnership?
We shall see.

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