Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

July 15, 2012

I Do Believe

 A Florida Panther
                   A Florida Panther

A few days ago something happened that made me believe in the Wildlife Fairy,
or perhaps an even higher being~
A Florida Federal Judge said, "I don't think so," to ORV's running amuck
in the pristine Big Cypress Preserve.
This will be a lifeline for the most critically Endangered mammal in Florida,
maybe in the entire Country, the Florida Panther.
The National Park Service lost this battle to a powerful group of Wildlife Advocates,
who were fiercely determined to win this one for both the Panther and the Preserve.
Throughout this long, drawn out ordeal, however, there was much talk about who or
what would be disturbed, saved, lost, injured or damaged, but did anyone remember
what should have been the single most important reason for of doing all of this,
for the Panther and the Preserve?
When Wildlife are disturbed, as with the Panther in Florida or the Bison in Yellowstone,
by loud, intrusive machines running helter-skelter all through their natural habitats,
they are diverted and/or driven away from their number one priority,
which is eating to stay alive.
Once they have been interrupted by these intruders, it may take hours
or even days for the animals to find their food again.
These noisy, disturbing machines don't belong in Yellowstone Park,
and they don't belong in the Big Cypress Preserve either, ever!
Wild Animals cannot just reorder lunch.

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