Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

July 27, 2012

Why Can't The Everglades Ever Get A Break?

Just about the time you think,
well maybe things are getting better,
some very disturbing news just arrived
Florida's Everglades National Park
The Florida Everglades
from Audubon of Florida.
In Miami today, Audubon of Florida will
take on the bullies who want to pour
the nastiest, most polluted, chemical laden
water in this state into the Everglades.
The three worst farms in the Everglades Habitat area,
want to dump their toxic waste into the pristine waters
of the Everglades and few people even knew this was
about to take place.
The phosphorus in discharged farm water, is by Florida law,
required to be reduced by 25%, but these three farms are not playing by the
rules and neither, it seems, is the South Florida Water Management District.
Like the St. John's Water group, SFWMD may have become too big
and too powerful, and in ever more increasing fashion, both are
behaving like they are not only above the law, but can make or change
the rules at will, with no repercussions from the public, or anyone else either.
While some farms are doing the right thing for all of Florida's waterways,
the ones who cheat and those people who are supposed to be watching them,
are making it nearly impossible to ever bring this Paradise known as the Everglades,
back from the brink of the disastrous onslaught of pollution from chemicals and toxins.
The Everglades really does need to get a break!
Any Questions?
A PDF is here:
Or write to Jonathon Webber,
Conservation Campaign Manager
Or call: 850 222-2473

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