Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

February 10, 2013

Is America Still The Land Of The Free?

 Florida's Everglades National Park

Well finally, someone in this state woke up and said, whoa we have to stop this, now.
Some believe that Scott has run Florida like a Gestapo state, since taking over in 2010.
His attitude in most everything to date, has pretty much been, I am the Governor of this state and I will do exactly as I please, period.
He did after all, spend $70 million of his own money to become the Governor of Florida and believes, I am sure, that this bought him the right to run this state however he sees fit.
Scott's intentions in this matter are "Crystal" clear, those growers who have in the past flooded with no fear of any reprisals, unlimited amounts of toxins into the Everglades and will be allowed, if he gets his way, to renew 30 year no-bid leases, without the public even having a say in it.
Is America still a Democracy?
What these farmers, these powerful growers of sugar and vegetables, do to the land with their poisons, their chemicals, is lethal to both the Everglades and all of the living things that call it home.
Below are two versions of the same story, please read one or both of them and if you care about the Everglades, or if you live near them, your drinking water, please get on your computer, or your phone and tell this man that you will not stand for this kind of dictatorship Government in Florida.
We demand to have a voice in what is being done to our Environment, our wildlife and our wild places here.
The last time I checked, Florida was still part of a Democracy, we have not become a Communist Country yet, have we?

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