Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

February 24, 2013

Let's All Go Native~

 Florida's Natural Beauty
The Everglades, an exquisite Florida Natural Area

The 19th Annual Public Interest Environmental Conference is this weekend at the University of Florida and their guest speaker is suggesting that there are things we can all do right now, to help protect the Endangered Wildlife and the fragile Ecosystems of Florida from rising sea levels and erosion.
Whitney Gray is from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and what she wants us all to do, is really a total recall of the 70's movement of going Native.
Gray wants us all to reuse and recycle till it hurts and she also want us to let nature take it's course in our yards, or just go native!
All of the great ideas that Ms. Gray is offering this weekend in Gainesville, are things that we have already been doing forever, except for the yard part, which we began doing when we moved to Florida years ago, for the benefit of Harriet, our resident Gopher Tortoise.
Harriet, who is quite picky about her diet, scours all over our property, hunting carefully for her favorite "wild things" to eat.
So, what she finds to eat here, is not only what she likes, it is exactly what she needs.
We use no poisons on our property because of her and our Airedale Breanna.
Wish I had read this story sooner, would have loved to have heard her in person.

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