Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

May 19, 2013

Who Cares If It's Endangered Species Day?

A Florida Green Treefrog
One of our Florida green treefrogs

So there you are, thinking, not another " special day. "
I don't even get a day off of work for it, so why should I care?
But you should care, do you know why?
In our lifetime, hundreds of species have already become extinct and they are going away at such an alarming rate, that even confirmed optimists are becoming concerned, even downright worried, that we may lose so many, that eventually our planet will, as the scriptures supposedly say, " be inherited by the insects."
It seems that insects are just about the only thing that all of our pesticides, or insecticides, don't wipe out, one way or another.
And if you're thinking "oh well, the chemical companies will save us with better, stronger, insecticides," hello, this has become our biggest problem.   
The insecticides now being produced by Monsanto, Bayer and others, have been so over used, for so many years, that the bugs have become immune to them and are well on their way to becoming super bugs, that eventually will respond to nothing that is thrown at them.
So, while you're digesting that cheery thought, think on this, all of the animals whose diet primarily consists of insects, are the exact ones that are the most endangered and are becoming extinct: the bats, the bees, the birds, the frogs, the list goes on and on.
These wonderful, fragile creatures, are what stands between us and the hordes of marauding insects, who are so anxious to take over our world.
To repeat, countless mammals, birds, bees and amphibians, are leaving this world precisely because of the overuse and wide-spread blanketing of our planet with poisons.
So, here's an idea for all of us on this, " not traffic stopping, just another day, " or Endangered Species Day.
Think what your/our world would be like, if the insects were all that was left here, besides us.
If that thought doesn't motivate you to get involved and pick an animal, or species to care about, come on down to Florida and spend a week in the Everglades in August and see what the future could be like for all of us.
As for me, I will keep pounding on this little Vaio 'til my fingers bleed or I croak, hoping that
somewhere, somehow, I will reach you and you will be affected enough to care and get involved.
The future of this planet as we know it, is on you, on me, on all of us.
So, the question remains, what will we do?   

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