Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

October 11, 2013

Giggles Is Gone

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Pictures in the center:  " A fawn in the grass
Picture credit:  forest wander

Two Covered Bridges in my home state of Indiana, left-Parke County, right-Brown County.

Could someone please explain this series of events to me?
I must be in an ignorant fog, because how on earth can this make any sense to anyone?
A baby deer taken in by a concerned family after it had apparently been abandoned, was turned over to a ” no-kill “ facility in Wisconsin, who were then forced by ” state laws ” to” do their job. “
It took 13 very ” official ” and armed people to end its tiny, young life, it would have only taken one to save it, Wisconsin’s Governor.
There’s that word again euthanized, they just can’t say the word, murdered, can they?
I was raised in Indiana, where these gorgeous creatures run wild nearly everywhere, well at least they did all of the summers spent on my Uncle’s farm in Southern Indiana, near what is known as Brown County.
Last summer when we were up for the Annual Family Reunion, we drove down to the old farm area and traveled around the back roads, admiring the Covered Bridges near Bean Blossom.
All of this brought back wonderful memories of my Uncles farm, so the day had a special meaning. As we approached the Bean Blossom Covered Bridge, for no apparent reason, just as we turned a corner on a dusty road, two quite young deer appeared from out of nowhere and just stood at the side of the road, gazing quietly at us.
They showed absolutely no fear, just munching and watching, as we drove VERY slowly past them.
Did I hold my breath, you bet!
There is no greater treasure in my world, than being among the wild things, where ever they happen to cross my path.
This day was a treasured memory.
It has occurred to me many times, that my love of deer may be just a wee bit excessive, as seeing them dead on the road, nearly kills me every single time.
So, you can understand how this story resonates very deeply with me.
As the species with the so-called larger brains, perhaps we might wish to consider trading them in for more compassionate hearts because we don’t seem to have a very good track record with the creatures with the so-called smaller ones.
This bill, or law in Wisconsin, like so many others concerning animals, may have originally had good intentions, but it’s the implementing of it, that may need a bit of tweaking.
You may read about this law and the fawn here, BTW, the many angry comments below the story, only demonstrate just how very frustrated the world has become with “Officials” just “doing their jobs” with animals.

Here is the tragic story:
Wisconsin DNR Secretary Says Fawn Had To Be Euthanized

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