Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

November 3, 2013

Greens Galore~

greenseaturtle                       babygreen1
Pictured on left, a mature Green Sea Turtle and on right, a hatchling.
Hatchling photo credit:  Manuel Heinrich Emha

Today is good news Sunday and there is a double dose of it to share with all of you today!
The state of Florida is truly blessed to have over 1,100 miles of stunning coastline, making it number one in the Continental US, only Alaska has more shore line!
( This page has a wealth of information about the Sunshine State:   Florida Quick Facts )
And because our coastal regions/ areas are so immense, it comes as no surprise that Sea Turtles and their annual nesting times here, are a very big deal with the state’s residents.
2013 was a banner year for  Green Sea Turtle  nesting and because it is one of our  Endangered ones,  there is cause for huge celebration.
The plethora of nests this year, are being credited in large part to human involvement, the residents in the affected Beach areas make sacrifices during the “nesting season”  by turning off their lights every night,  to avoid confusing or distracting the little ones, who after hatching, need to head directly to the water,  not toward the houses.
The combined efforts of residents, scientists  and volunteers all over the state,  have helped to turn the downward trend around for this Endangered Sea Turtle and even though numbers are down for the others, the mood for now is positive, with gratitude for the great success at least for now, with this one.
Another positive note for the Florida Sea Turtle,  is that their specialized Florida license plate is the third most popular one in the state, right behind the Gator Nation and FSU.
Knowing the huge popularity that  these two teams and their fans represent, makes this an even more impressive statistic.
The money generated by the sale of these special  plates, which  this year was $1.4 million,  goes directly towards research in turtle studies.
You may read more about the 2013 Green Sea Turtles  dramatic nesting  increases  here:
Green Sea Turtle Nesting Doubles In Florida

New Pet Food Bank
The other good news story for this week,  is about a new program in Orlando to raise awareness for what is becoming a more frequent need in the current economy, as well as to ask for donations of all kinds of pet foods for a new Pet Food Bank that is just  starting up there.
The hope is that if those with pets who have, for one reason or another,  found themselves having to choose between buying pet food or people food,  can come to the Pet Food Bank and not have to give their pets up to a shelter,  which is always a sad choice for any family to have to make.
Better for all  concerned,  is a pet staying with its loving family and this new Orlando Pet Food Bank plans to help do just that for those in need.
Do not have any more information about them yet, but will post it here when it becomes available.

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