Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

November 2, 2013

Injustice In Japan

Bottlenose_Dolphin_KSC    dolphintruncatas   Tursiops_aduncus,_Port_River,_Adelaide,_Australia
Dolphin picture credits, left to right:  public domain, truncates and NASA.
As I  sit here admiring my new ” Winter”  mouse pad and still feeling the warm glow from our visit over the weekend to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium,  my first email this morning has turned my stomach and filled me with outrage.
Right now, I am seeing  red, blood-red, the blood of many of Winter’s own kind.
Her sweet face is still strong in my mind and the thought of others like her being slaughtered, makes me want to do bad things to those who are guilty.
The petition which is listed  below, came as a horrible reminder,  that there are still places on this confused plant,  where some life has more meaning than others.
While the US and Japan long ago ended their cold post war relationship,  which has since become one of extremely high valued goods exchanges,  but perhaps, this atrocity by the tiny country may repulse so many,  that the warm cozy relationship could turn icy one more, at least for animal lovers, like so many who come here are.
May I implore you to not only sign this petition,  but to pass it along and speak quite loudly and clearly to all who will listen, that this kind of reprehensible treatment of such an intelligent, loving,  trusting, gentle creature, will not be tolerated.
There is absolutely no valid,  nor credible reason for this despicable crime against innocent animals and it must be stopped immediately.
Japan must be made to clearly understand that many Humans on this Planet,  treasure animals, especially Dolphin’s, whose contributions to the Human race are so numerous, that  they could fill a book.
Are these not the same people who go giddy over Pandas?
Imagine if this were being done to that very cherished animal of the Japanese people?
I know that you will not let these Dolphins down and will raise your loving,  caring voices in complete horror, outrage, indignation and opposition to this.
Please do feel free to reblog and/or  share  this post and the link, everywhere.
This contentious,  protesting  post was most  unfortunately just written on my brand new Sony Vaio computer, a fact that disturbs me beyond description.
Here is the Petition link to help you begin an outpouring of necessary action:
Stop Japan Dolphin Killing Town 

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