Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

April 15, 2014


A bee performing the miracle that keeps the whole world running~
Picture credit: Bob Peterson/ Jacopo Werther

If like us, Spring at your house means working in your garden and/or your yard, here are some things that you may wish to consider before you begin.
In my email this morning was a new round of pleading from one of my favorite sources for  keeping our Planet safe, the Cornucopia Institute.
They are once again, repeating a request for us all to stop using a certain type of insecticides in our yards because of the mortal effects they are having on our bees in America.
Bees and all pollinators are dying by the millions and it is having a ripple effect all across our Planet.
On the Weather Channel this week, a sad example was demonstrated live on the set, bees are being born with crumpled wings and only living a day or  two,  because they cannot fly, the source or cause of this deformity is mites.
Two more recent possibilities that have been reported as possible, or probable,  causation for the massive Global bee deaths, are extremely cold weather and a plant virus.
So, when all of theses factors occur within a short period of time, the mites, pesticides, extreme cold and plant viruses, the world’s bees bite the dust by the millions.
Many are calling this  phenomenon, a  Beepocalypse.
We do not use any pesticides on our property because of our Airedale Breanna and our Gopher Tortoise Harriet.
We also do not wish to have our beloved green tree frogs or lizards killed by them.
Pesticides, like Monsanto’s  Round Up are just plain lethal to all livings things, they are equal opportunity killers.
Insecticides have already been banned in Europe.
Surely if they can do this to save our  Global pollinators and their food supplies, we can as well?
Another point to remember, if you like to eat, think about what the bees and pollinators do for all of us, every single day of their lives.
Without them out there doing their jobs, our food supplies would dwindle and quickly.
No bees, no food, no flowers, no people.
Pretty simple really,  isn’t it.
As a result of the massive backlash against these lethal products, most lawn and garden departments now carry and are happy to refer people,  to the ones that are safe, or safer and more natural and have a less harmful effect on all that comes in contact with them.
Here in Florida,  this has now become a problem of nearly historic levels for areas like the Indian River Lagoon  area.
This Ecosystem has seen catastrophic wildlife death numbers in the past few years from multiple causes, but the primary one is considered to be toxins in the water.
Pesticides used on our yards and in farming,  are the worst offenders in Florida.
Manatees, Dolphins, and  birds are sick and dying here and the water that they depend on for life, is to blame.
The only way to fix this,  is for all of us to become very concerned and careful about what we use and do with any chemicals.
Is your yard being perfectly emerald-green worth an animal’s life?
Please remember Floridian’s, what goes on our lawns and on our land here, ends up in the aquifer and eventually in our drinking water.
Do you really know what is in that glass of water you are drinking today?
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