Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

April 21, 2013

Embracing Mother Earth On Her Day

Earth Day 2013         
Today is Earth Day, so how should we thank this weary planet for the life-giving, air, water and everything else that she provides us with, that most of us take for granted?
This planet has existed for billions of years, but each year it becomes more and more of a struggle just for her to continue living.
Many of us never give her, or what we do to her, a second thought.
This is a tragic mistake.
One day, unless we change our hearts and minds and begin showing respect and concern for her, Mother Earth may not take care of us any longer, she may not be able to, she may die.
Every day, we fill her Oceans, Rivers and Lakes with garbage, toxins and poisons of all description.
Every day, we pollute her atmosphere, the very air that we all breathe, with more of the same.
Every day, we dig deep into her soul, stripping all that she has, leaving her scarred and wounded, with no concern for the effects of it on her at all.
Every day, we cut down her stunning, majestic trees that nearly touch the sky, for what, more paper to fill up our shredders?
Since we took our first steps on her face, we have taken and taken, rarely giving back and even less often, cared much about the effects of our impact on her.
So, my question to each of us is, yes, including myself, what will you/we do today for Mother Earth?
Have you ever noticed, that after facing an extraordinary danger or imminent death, when first putting their feet back on the planet, many people react by kneeling down and kissing the Earth?
So, on this very special day to Honor her, how should each of us show Mother Earth our gratitude?
As for me, I am going into my garden and pull some weeds, that should make her smile~


  1. Taking everything for granted is so widespread in human behavior...
    food, water, well-being, love, and all things provided by the earth.

    We all know if Mother Earth won’t survive, we won’t either, but people
    go on carelessly, why ? That remains a mystery.

    You’re right, we all should make something for her today. As for me, I made a drawing,
    this is my way of pulling some weeds here and there.

    Best wishes to you.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments and support. It is so very appreciated.

  2. We all Celebrate this day and do something to help our self by offering some hand service to the mother nature instead of lip service...I salute those who can make this good work happen and to you and to all despite the geographical boundaries...

  3. Thank you.
    It is so important to respect Mother Earth and give back to her,
    not just one day a year, but each and every day~