Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

April 28, 2013

Pollinators and Pesticides

It was a bit difficult to choose a topic equally as important as Earth Day for today's conversation.
But think this may do.
Let's talk about bees and the wondrous world of pollinators.
If like me, or maybe not, you were not an expert on their very vital purpose on our planet, here are a few thoughts.
It is quite simple, without pollinators, not much would grow, including a great deal of the world's food supplies.
They simply said are, one of man's, forgive me Breanna, best friends.
Pollinators can be seen on any warm day, flitting from one plant, or flower to another, taking and leaving what we humans need to survive.
But, consider this, the bees and many pollinators all over the Earth may soon no longer exist, why you ask?
Their imminent demise is being blamed on, what in our time, has become the single most detrimental toxin that any living thing can be exposed to, pesticides.
And the pesticides that may soon wipe out our pollinating friends, are neonicotinoid pesticides.
Pesticides harm people, plants and animals equally, as they are an equal opportunity killer.
Once their poisons get into our water sources, we are all goners.
Remember Erin Brockovich?
Ask the residents of McFarland, California, in the great San Joaquin Valley, where the continual use of pesticides on their crops, poisoned the entire areas water supply and a great many of their children now have leukemia.
There are many groups and individuals working diligently to reverse the damage already done by these toxins.
One of these groups is the Center for Food Safety, who is asking for your commitment to help stop this disaster in progress, by taking a "pledge to protect the pollinators."
The world of pollinators is made up of not only bees, but many of their friends, which includes hummingbirds, butterflies and numerous other helpful insects.
It's a gregarious group effort pollinating all of the worlds growing things you see.  
Ensuring that pollinators will always be here to work for us, is merely a matter of making better choices in our gardens and in the food growing industry.
Your local garden shops will know which ones are eco and pollinator friendly, or just plain safe for all of us!
These changes can be done, these changes must be done, if humans wish to continue to have food to eat and exist.
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