Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

April 21, 2013

What Whales Want

A Right Whale Mother And Calf Off The Florida Coast
Whales are just like us, they want a family, a nice place to live and to be free to live there, in peace.
It’s a nice thought but, unfortunately for them, the Oceans are getting smaller everyday and for the biggest mammal on the planet, are becoming very crowded and may soon become terribly loud.
Right now, seismic blasting is being considered as a potential drilling option in the Atlantic Ocean, in the exact corridor where the single most Endangered Whale on our planet lives and breeds, the Atlantic Right Whale.
The impact of this blasting will be disastrous for them for several reasons, they may be         
harmed directly by the blasting and they will no longer feel safe to breed in the area.
Last year, the birthing numbers for this critically endangered whale was down dramatically,
because of food shortages up North, can you imagine what it will be like, for these extremely
noise sensitive whales, if they are exposed regularly to constant blasting?
It will simply be unbearable.
And, the Whales are not the only ones who will be greatly harmed by this proposed blasting, so will Dolphins.
We do not need to drill or dig, for more oil, gas, coal or other fossil fuels in this Country, what we need are more renewable energy sources.
Which, if it were more profitable for those who deal in fossil fuels, would already have replaced them here.
Other countries all over the world, have long ago embraced renewable energy sources, but America seems to be either unable or unwilling to make the progress absolutely necessary to protect and preserve both the environment and animals of this planet, including the human ones.

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