Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

June 2, 2013

Monsters, Murders and Mayhem

The Beautiful African Bush Elephants

This subject has been avoided for as long as possible, for one very good reason, my emotions,  my opinions would not, could not, be considered unbiased in any way.
But when a Google Alert came a few days ago about this issue,  it could not be avoided any longer.
This subject must now be addressed because this time it is personal, it is on my doorstep.
The subject is Elephant Poaching  and the person who has been indicted, is from New Mexico.
This monster bought the Ivory Tusks from an African Poacher and then sold them to a person here in Florida.
Personally, I believe that they should all do hard prison time because they all have blood on their hands.
But neither the time, nor the fine, could ever be enough to satisfy me, for these heinous acts against innocent animals.
This animal in particular, is one of the most beloved in the world, which makes these assaults even more difficult to bear.
The penalties all involved in this incident will receive, that will actually be enforced, are putrid, to say the very least.
In case you are not aware, taking any parts from an Endangered Species, like these African Elephants, is a big time crime and the punishment should be harsh, painful enough to give the beastly persons involved in this sickening ugly market, pause to think at least.
But it is not.
What they are all, including the legal system, doing to not only Elephants, but to Rhinos as well, is besides being criminal, is immoral and despicable as well.
This slaughter will never stop, not until it hurts too much to continue the crime.
These innocents are being murdered for their body parts and the beastly people involved on all sides, care nothing for the bloodied carcasses they leave behind, only for the huge deposits into their bank accounts.
The numbers of animals who have already died in this tragic manner, is beyond staggering, it is nearly impossible to comprehend.
If only Humans had body parts that the animals could exploit.
I firmly believe in Karma and do expect that one day these monsters will meet theirs, but it will be too late for all of the dead animals missing their high priced body parts.
Knowing that the species of which I am part of, can do these things, makes me ashamed to be a Human.
Told you there would be no unbiased commentary on my part.
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  1. Great post...poaching is a despicable crime, one which doesn't get enough media.

  2. Thank you so much and yes it is abominable.
    Please come see my latest post on my WP Blog?