Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

June 23, 2013

Not A Time To Die

Jairo Mora Sandoval
Environmentalist Jairo Mora Sandoval
Picture credit: Didiher Chacón, director of WIDECAST

Being young should be a time of exploration, adventure and joyful discovery.
It is a time when many of us are at our highest intellectual, love and friendship peak.
But, one thing that it should never be, however, is a time to die or to be murdered.
This week on an island renowned the world over for its stunning beauty, an innocent young man just doing what he loved, protecting leatherback turtles, was murdered for being in the wrong place and opposing turtle poachers.
This ugly word, poachers, is getting way too much press any more and I for one, am sick of the way that these monsters have chosen to handle those who get in the way of their dirty little money business.
Jairo, an environmentalist and native of this place where he died, was a mere 26 years old and should have had a full lifetime ahead of him in a field where anyone can become a hero, at least as far as those who are saved are concerned.
In recent years, Costa Rica has been rumored to have become a place of potential danger for outsiders and going there for a vacation or a honeymoon could be risky.
The world that we live in today, has a new breed of hired killers and getting caught in their cross hairs, can and has proved fatal, as in Jairo’s case this week.
I have just signed this petition for him, would you please consider doing so as well?
No one should ever have to put their life at risk or be killed, for protecting animals.
And as today is, World Oceans Day, might we all take a moment to say a little prayer for all of those like this beautiful young man, who care so much and put their lives at great risk every day, to try to save Endangered wildlife on our planet?
Vaya Con Dios Jairo, may you go with God.

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