Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

June 8, 2013

Why Not?

Reprinted with permission
Photo by Steve Sisney, The Oklahoman

A friend had a picture and a posting this morning on her FB page that sent me to a very dark place.
(The above is not the picture, I was asked to pay $75 for that one and declined.)
This entire country has been ravaged for weeks by weather disasters of nearly biblical proportions, and the death toll has been overwhelming, but what many may not know or hear about, are all the animals who also died.
Seeing pictures of injured or dead animals has always cut right through my heart, but being the insatiable, " I need an answer person" that I have always been, my first thought seeing it was, why?
This did not need to happen.
So, here is my second question, for all of you designers, builders, and contractors, etc.
Why can't we have underground shelters for our animals?
For many of us, our animals are our families too.
I have lived in states from the East Coast to the West Coast, where severe weather events are normal, common, repeated occurrences and we always prepared for them as much as humanly possible.
So, for all of those people who live out in the country, on a ranch or a farm, and have animals, why not a place for them to be safe until the disaster passes?
Oklahoma and many other "tornado alley" states, often are able to give extensive warnings
of impending dangerous weather, so it could be possible that there would be time enough to save some, or even all animals on a farm or ranch?
I know that this sounds bizarre, but why not?

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