Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

July 21, 2013

Beautiful, Beneficial Bats

A beautiful Endangered Gray Bat
Photo credit:  Dr. Renn Tumlison
This Issue is one that I wrote about some time ago, but recent news has reminded me once again, that the crisis for this animal has not only not gone away, but has gained momentum and appears to now be an out of control situation: Biological Diversity Public Action
The animals are beautiful, beneficial Bats and the disease that is wiping this mammal off of the face of the Earth, is white-nose syndrome.
Many people have a negative opinion of this” most helpful friend “ and even those who don’t fear it, may have a difficult time feeling any great remorse for its current plight.
Right now, Bats in this country are facing nearly complete eradication from this rampant fungal disease and the prospects of the species surviving, do not look too good.
You should be very concerned about this situation, but you may not know why.
Bats are the single most prolific insect eater on the planet and if they ceased to exist, those nasty little creepy, crawly, critters might just, as in the biblical prophecies, not only, " inherit the earth, “  they may just take it over quite quickly, with little to stop them, other than more huge quantities of what is becoming more and more frequently, ”useless insecticides.”
The over use of these terrible toxins for way too long now, has caused countless numbers of insects to become “super bugs,”  that are developing complete immunity to them.
Now, this is all a very scary thought, unless you happen to love bugs.
As for the beleaguered Bats, the white-nose syndrome has now spread across the country into 22 states and has killed more than 7 million Bats in its death march.
Irregardless of our personal feelings about Bats, we all need them in our lives, because the world would not be a very “human friendly” place to live with out them.
We actually have a Bat house on our property and continue to hope that one day, it might just have some visitors~
As usual, it would be wonderful if you chose to get involved and several ways to do this are detailed in these two stories:

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