Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

July 12, 2013

The Brits And The Badgers

A Badger whose future is unclear
(source of this picture is unknown)

Since beginning this Blog in March, many Issues have been addressed here that involved animals being harmed.
Thankfully, being the kind and caring readers that you all are, you have responded with zest, zeal and passion.
But the one topic that has evoked the most overt reaction, raw emotion and absolute disgust from all of you has been, mass animal murders.
What has been written about here relating to this particular topic to date are:
horses, elephants, gorillas and rhinos.
There are other stories to be told, but not written about here yet, with past and future planned executions in this country, namely, wolves and bison or buffalo and of course, the Burmese Python In The Florida Everglades.
It remains curious to me, that whenever humans wish to dispose of an unwanted or unwelcome animal, they choose to call what they intend to do to it, a CULL.
(This definition comes from their Oxford dictionary)
Are they uneasy with the words “mass murder?”
Now sadly, as of today, one more species can be added to this list: Badgers.
To be completely honest, until this came to my attention here on Word Press, I knew nothing about this animal, but in the few short months here, I have witnessed a Global Outcry From Fellow Bloggers about what is being planned in England for this animal.
For some unknown reason, certain humans seem to believe that it makes more of an impact, if the slaughter of a chosen victim is done is huge numbers, and for some odd reason, the last two discussed here, had the number 5,000.
After reading the stated reasoning behind the proposed slaughter this August of Great Britain’s Badgers, the explanation for this action is that they believe it will reduce the number of cases of TB in the Cattle there.
The Country has had an often times, ugly history with this animal, point in case being the now forbidden, Blood Sport Of Badger Baiting.               
For those of you not living in, or familiar with America, we have had a similar case like this with our Native bison, or buffalo in Wyoming.
Years ago, Montana Ranchers began slaughtering bison or buffalo, just as soon as they left Yellowstone and wandered into their state because they feared the Bison were infecting, or could potentially infect,  their cows with Brucellis abortis.
And one final thought, a new story today, says that the upcoming CULL Of Badgers may not even be of any benefit at all, according to one of their very own.  
As the species with the supposedly larger brain, could we not at least consider ways to deal with animals that we seem to have a conflict with, other than mass murders?
Come to think of it, our past history with other humans does not lend itself well to this, does it?       

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