Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

July 13, 2013


Wild Horse with foal photo: Public Domain        Canadian Geese with goslings photo: Brocken Inaglory

I had no intentions of writing today, as you know by now, this has been a difficult week and we are both exhausted.
However, our local news this morning will allow me no rest.
At 5 AM, the first story on our news here, was that the state of  New Mexico And The FDA Have Come To An Agreement  and they will be slaughtering horses.
As if to quell the expected outbreak of hostility, it was clearly stated that of course, none of the horse meat will be sold in America.
Hello, that is not the problem people, the problem is, you are slaughtering horses.
Hopefully, you have had the chance to read my story on this Blog: “We Want To Live.”
A group on Facebook has much, much more:
It is simply incomprehensible to me and I am sure to you as well, that this is going to be done.
Is America still a Democracy?
Do the concerns of the People have any meaning any more?
Why is there no discussion, no input allowed, for something as egregious as this?
We, the People, in this country have raised our voices in absolute objection to many Issues and it is if we are speaking another language, no one in charge seems to hear us.
I feel so angry, so sickened by this, that I cannot speak.
Then, as if that news was not enough to break my heart this morning, I opened my first email and it was about 144 Canadian Geese being slaughtered in North Carolina.
The group trying to stop it has a petition and much more information here:
Sometimes, like today, I feel like this is all for nothing.
Right now, my heart is broken and it is like no one is listening, nobody cares.

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