Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

March 15, 2014

God Hears~

Comfry Jacobs protesting against the Wild Bison slaughter in Yellowstone.
Picture credit and kindly lent by:   
Deby Dixon photography

Just when it seemed that nothing could stop the endless Global human brutality against animals, a tiny miracle has just happened.
The slaughter of Yellowstone Bison has been stopped, for now.
Are you listening God, you surely must be?
Can one person really make a difference, well this man did.
His name is Comfrey Jacobs, and  he absolutely refused to sit by and watch this horror continue and do nothing.
He stopped them in their tracks, or on the road, by chaining himself to a barrel blocking the road.
Do you know how cold it is in Yellowstone right now?
It is unbearable, I have been there in nearly every month of the year and as the locals always say, “ there are two season here, August and Winter, “   they are not kidding.
The campaign to slaughter these Wild Free Bison,  is of course a result of intense, ongoing, pressure from the Montana Cattle Ranchers, who loath them and continue every year to claim that the Bison  ” could infect their cows.”
These Wild Free Bison do not know where the state lines are, you stupid cattle ranchers, get over it!
Yellowstone has been their Ancestral home for millions of years, have long have you been there?
In the past few hundred years, the US Government and hired thugs, have killed millions of their Ancestors and these few remaining in Yellowstone,  are all that is left, must they die for these yet another politically influenced project?
Of course, the man at the center of this is now awaiting his day in court, but guess what?
A trial will only bring more new support to help stop this insanity.
If I were  closer, I would be at his trial every single day, for one thing,  to say thank you.
“Dear Comfry,  you speak for me, for the Bison and for so many people around the world,  who feel exactly  like you.”
But you are the one who did it, thank God for you.
If you any of you are close enough, perhaps you may go and show support for his selfless actions.
The single fly in this ointment, and of course you knew that there would have to be at least one, this man  will be tried by a judge, there will be no jury.
Sometimes, I feel so defeated, like I am talking to the wind, or to just the few of you, who come here to this little, insignificant Blog and like me,  want to keep animals everywhere safe.
And yes, sometimes, I feel like we are not really making a difference, or that nothing will ever change, but then this happens and my batteries are completely charged up all over again.
Look out world,  here we come!
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  1. A true hero and an inspiration to us all. Every act of compassion counts!

  2. Good morning Emy. Hope you are well. Yes, he is awesome!