Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
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March 13, 2014

There, but for the Grace of God?

Daniel Andreas San Diego
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On our news this morning was the story of a very dangerous suspect, being sought by the FBI in Hawaii, for some bombings in California.
Well, you know that they had my undivided attention, as soon as I heard the words animal activists and bombings used in the same sentence.
After very little searching, a huge amount of data was found about this man and his story, but as it turned out,  I had the wrong idea about this altogether.
You see, this man is not going after animal activists,  he IS one and the bombings that he is being accused of,  or is alleged to have done, were done  on the properties of those he believed to be harming animals.
And these alleged crimes were committed by him they say, in 2003, or over 10 years ago.
He has been on the FBI’s list of ” Most Wanted Domestic Terrorists.” since 2009.
I have since read at least six different stories looking for more and here is I what I have found.
This man is a middle class,  well-bred,  fairly well educated person, who does not like what is being done to animals by several large Corporations.
They are experimenting on them and basically torturing them.
He, like many of those who read this Blog, probably tried many different ways to stop this and like we often have,  probably got absolutely nowhere.
But, what he chose to do next, is where I personally part ways with him, as I do not believe in violence.
But, do I understand and agree with his passion?
You bet I do!
I have heard all of you say so many times over the past year here, that you appreciate my passion for this subject.
I am willing to do any and every thing that I can,  to stop animals from being hurt, harmed, tortured, euthanized or killed.
However, I will not ever use a weapon because I find them brutal and often think that somewhere in my family, there must have been some Quakers or Amish,  as  I intensely dislike guns, and all weapons.
Now for what may come as a shocking revelation to all of you and the FBI if they are reading this, “ I hope that he is not ever found.”
Sometimes, in history, it has seemed that the only way to stop a wrong behavior by out of control, uncaring, evil, doing insidious things,  is to hurt them back.
This very brave young man has,  for all intents and purposes, thrown his life away, for if he is ever caught,  it will be life in prison for his actions, which by the way,  if you read any of the stories below, it seems that no one was hurt and the damage to the buildings in question,  was quite minor.
But, I would/will always do my resisting and objecting to any cause, animal or otherwise,  in a nonviolent way.
You must think of Gandhi and how he fought the British and eventually got them out of India.
Non violent,  non co-operation, it did work in the end!
If we are to ever stop this evil behavior, I personally think that we must begin in the hearts of all people, not just these monsters in laboratories secretly carrying out their insidious deeds on innocent animals.
We must teach the whole world, yes, the whole,  entire world, that animals are just like us, only we do not speak their language.
The FBI is/has been hunting this man for 10 years and has a huge reward of $250,000 out for him.
He is,  if you can believe this,  after all of the things that happen in this country every single day, the FBI’s  “Most Wanted Terrorist.”
Simply unbelievable.
Is it possible that we in this Country,  may perhaps have our priorities just a wee bit out-of-order?
We are on a daily basis,  being poisoned by things that Monsanto and various other huge companies produce and sell to us.
Is it likely that any of them will ever  be charged with the deaths that they are most certainly causing?
Yet this man, who wants to stop animals from being endlessly tortured and killed for corporate profits, did what he thought might bring attention to, or shine a light on, a despicable group of people, is being hunted like a mass murderer.
What a world.
What is that old saying?
“There,  but for the Grace of God?”

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