Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

January 31, 2011

Is Florida State Representative Trudi Williams Right about the Panther?

Florida State Representative Trudi Williams, R-Fort Meyers, who chairs the House Committee on Wildlife(FFWCC)says that she thinks the Florida Panther should no longer receive special protection.
She says that she has received complaints from her areas about livestock killings.
Ms. Williams also thinks that because the Florida Panther has been crossbred with Texas Cougars that they are no longer really Florida Panthers and therefore need no special protection.
If she understood the reasoning for this breeding, she would know that like the African Cheetah, the Florida Panthers breeding/gene pool had become so small that they were no longer able to produce viable offspring and that the Texas big cats were their only hope for survival:
Texas Cougars Save Florida Panthers from Extinction

Considering that all that remains of this Florida State Mammal is 100 or less, can she be serious about them not being in danger of becoming extinct during our lifetime?
If you think that Rep. Williams is wrong, please feel free to call or email her and let her know how you feel.
Tallahassee Phone: (850) 488-2047
Fort Meyers Phone: (239) 433-6775
Read the whole story here:
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Lawmaker Questions Panther Protections

January 29, 2011

Welcome to the Gator Woman Blog

Welcome to the beautiful Ocala National Forest in Florida.
This is the most unique place in all of Florida for two reasons, the Wildlife and the Natural beauty of their Habitat here.
This Blog is about the Endangered Wildlife of Florida and why it is so important for us all to protect them. Many of them are barely holding on and if we do not intervene, some may be lost forever.
There are many outside forces that control the fragile existence of our Wildlife and much of it is either made by or caused by Humans.
But, each of us can do something, an action as simple as turning the lights off at night during Sea Turtle Nesting Season means another baby turtle may make it to the Ocean.
To learn more about our Endangered Florida Wildlife please go to: