Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

September 2, 2013


Wild Horse with foal
Picture: Public Domain

Do you believe?
I believe.
Voices are heard.
Prayers do work.
Those who wanted to slaughter horses have lost.
When voices are unanimous, when prayers are spoken in unison, they can and do make a difference.
We must never underestimate the power that we have to change the wrongs, to make things better for animals around the world, that are in harm’s way.
In this instance, so many of you cried out in protest so loudly, about the impending murder of these beautiful wild creatures, these innocent animals, that for the moment at least, the score is: horses one, slaughter houses, zero!
Is this fight over, no, absolutely not, but the very fact that the courts have heard you and responded in this positive manner, is a really good signal that this will not be a slam-dunk for the slaughter industry.
They now know, that they are in for a full-fledged battle with some of the most powerful animal groups that exist.
Too many animal people across this country, even around the Globe, are really, really, angry about this impending action and are making their feelings known loud and clear.
Please, do not stop.
Keep writing, keep calling, and under no conditions should any of us think that this is a done deal.
The lives of these horses depends on all of us, we can not let them down.
We are just getting warmed up here.
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They cannot wait.
You can read the inspiring story with all of the details, on one of the best animal advocate sites on Word Press,  Our Compass: Equine Advocates Win Reprieve