Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

November 19, 2015

Will Steverson Stay Or Go?

Silver Springs, Nature’s Underwater Fairyland
Picture credit: Florida State Memory Archives

The controversial, Scott nominated, head of the Florida DEP, Jon Steverson, is like a “bird on a wire” at the moment.
He has previously failed to be confirmed for this appointment by the Governor and if he is rejected, or fails to be confirmed the next vote, it is over.
So why the controversy you may ask.
Good question, am happy to point out the many reasons he should NOT be confirmed.
This man wants to help the Parks here in Florida become more profitable.
Remember the story here about  Payne’s Prairie  not long ago?
And Silver Springs, the location for the old Tarzan movies, is still trying to survive the Canadian Cattle Billionaire who is presently draining their breathtaking beauty dry everyday to provide water for his cows.
The Parks making a profit idea, is not of, or in itself,  a bad one, it’s the  way that Jon Steverson seeks to do so, that  is most certainly objectionable  to the millions here, many who love this state and treasure our beautiful Parks.
There are 174 stunning, natural and gorgeous Parks here in Florida and all of them could be at risk, if this man and those who back and support him, are allowed to continue their planned path.
And, these Parks, are all for be evaluated right now, for potential future hunting, logging, cattle grazing and other ways to make money are all on the table.
If he stays, I guarantee you that he and Scott and Company will implement all of these disastrous plans and our Florida Parks will not only suffer the consequences, but there may be Human tragedies as well.
Please do not forget that this group recently passed the gun silencer law.
Hunting in State Parks filled with families,  is a disaster waiting to happen.
This group also allowed Bears to be slaughtered and Attorney General Pam Bondi is now under attack for filing a lawsuit to allow air polluters to continue unabated here.
Who can forget her picture on the News releasing a rehabilitated Bald Eagle yesterday.
She in my opinion, is the LAST person who should have been holding that Bald Eagle!
It should have been ANYONE from Audubon, the group who did the rehabilitating.
This Governor and those who follow and work with him, have one agenda: money and how to make it here.
They will all share in the profits and the state and all that is beautiful in it, will be the losers.
Remember Scott came here from Illinois, he is NOT a Floridian, he has little or no concern for all that makes this place Paradise, only what makes money.
And it seems his choice for the head of the EPA is in perfect step with him on this.
Scott’s arms are long, so I am sure that all of the right people have been advised that he wants Steverson to stay put to carry out the plans.
Quick note to the Governor:
How many visitors do you think come to Florida to see cattle eating, or Hunters killing Wildlife?
Just asking, because last time I checked, tourism was our number ONE economic driver!
In conclusion, regardless of objections, guess we all know whether Steverson will stay or go!

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November 1, 2015

Breanna's Favorite Day!


Breanna’s Halloween Adventures!

Today this house is filled with joyful anticipation by our Airedale Breanna.
She has waited patiently all year for this day.
Last year because of all my cancer surgeries and countless trips to Gainesville, we all missed this much-beloved day/night.
But not tonight, not this year!
We have all the decorations up, thanks very kindly to Walkingfox.
The big Treat Bucket is full of little Bat and Pumpkin pretzels and ready for Breanna and I to hand out tonight to all who show up at our door.
Yes, many more embarrassing pictures will be taken once again.
We don’t get as many Ghost, Goblins, AKA little children as those who live in the city, but it does not matter, there are more than enough to thoroughly thrill this dog, who gets more joy out of this Holiday Event, than most children do.
We all hope that your day/night is filled with joy and happiness and that your treats will hopefully, outnumber your little goblins or visitors~
It is very scary when you run out of treats before the Ghouls, I mean kiddies, are gone.
You can be sure that for the special little girl in this house, who is the very center of our Universe and who has had a very tough year, tonight will be absolutely magical~
Happy Halloween to all of you from us:
Donna, Walkingfox and Breanna~
Oops forgot Ishi. She says DITTO!