Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

December 27, 2011

Johnny Sees the World

What a great story to end the year with.......
A young Endangered Kemps' Ridley Turtle may need a passport soon after years of touring the world in search of medical treatment.
This little world traveler was given a name along the way by one of his many new admirers and has become pretty well known in Reptile Rehab Circles.
Several International groups worked really hard to make all of this happen for "Johnny" who became a pet project and now heads to Florida on the final leg of his long journey of healing to the MOTE Marine Laboratory in Sarasota.
If you would like to watch Johnny's new adventures after his release,
just click on his name and agree to be good~

December 24, 2011

Christmas Thinking

Today, while listening to the sweet Christmas music on my radio and finishing the last bits of food for tonight, my mind contemplated the year just passed.
There has been some progress made this year for Endangered Wildlife in Florida, but, not all of the news was good.
In spite of the many, many letters written to those with all of the control over the wildthings that I care so much for here, I see that the world is still the same today, nothing has really changed for the better or shockingly, the worse.
What I will take away from this lesson in life is that, I cannot, by myself, change most of the things that affect the Endangered Wildlife in Florida.
I am only one person with a big mouth and a computer.
But, I can be a part of a considerably vocal group of Floridians who simply have one wish and that is to see that our Endangered Wildlife are given the chance to survive, without negative, human impact or interference.
Maybe next year we will come a little closer to that objective.
Here's looking forward to a wonderful 2012.
Merry Everything to Everyone and
of course, Peace on Earth.

December 21, 2011

Poaching Coral From the Florida Keys

If you have ever been down to our Florida Keys, then you already know what a pristine beauty the entire area is.
One of the most Endangered parts of the Keys is the Coral Reef and it is the only one in the United States.
The people involved in this crime knew exactly what they were doing, as well as the precarious state of the Ecosystem that the stolen property inhabits.
If these thieves are not dealt with severely, others in this illicit trade will not be deterred, quite the opposite, they will take any light sentence as a green light to continue stealing.
As the story points out, most of the stolen coral dies in shipping, just as with the Ghost Orchid.
Neither of these Endangered species do well away from their natural habitats.
So, in the end, it is all for nothing, with fewer and fewer of these living treasures remaining on our planet for future generations to enjoy.

December 18, 2011

What Not Making the Right List Means for Animals at the End of the Log

When two of the most respected scientific sources not only agree, but also offer pretty much the same solution to a problem, those who care for wildlife must pay attention.
This week, both the Scientific American and the Center for Biological Diversity have come to a consensus about the ESA List and the animals not on it.
They both believe that the animals who do not make the ESA List, but remain only on the IUCN Red List, are at peril.
The fact is that those on the ESA List, get both the money and the muscle needed to protect them, those on only the IUCN List do not.
While these animals wait to be upgraded to a place where they may find some safety and have a chance to make it, many may die or become extinct languishing on the wrong List.
Once again, the United States lags behind the rest of the world in its attitude towards threatened animal species and remains buried in paperwork.
Lives are at stake and we must end this bureaucratic bungling.
Could it be that the reason behind all of this delay is once again, money?
Moving animals onto the ESA List, means that more money will need to be allotted to these new members and a lot of money will need to be spent by a country already in an economic freefall.

December 14, 2011

My Beautiful Longleaf Pines

Life here in Florida can often be a somewhat mixed blessing.
While we do have spectacular wildlife to be seen at nearly every turn, the scary part is that their habitats and their lives are being annihilated just as quickly as humans and machines can do so.
Point is case, the ancient, critically endangered longleaf pines.
A hundred years ago, these trees were a canopy so deep that they covered nearly all of the lands of the American Southeast.
Today, they have just a last few bastions of hope here in Central Florida.
Each time that we pass a logging truck near our home in the Ocala Forest, usually with a Georgia license plate, loaded down with pine trees on their way to becoming chemically mixed pellets for heating, fireplaces and such, I wonder if the drivers knew which trees were the ones that were not supposed to be cut.
These priceless pine trees were also once the only home of some very endangered birds, like the red cockaded woodpecker, the ivory billed woodpecker and others, who chose this particular tree for the specific needs it provided for them.
And, with each tree that falls, goes another creature who will eventually become homeless.
It is not like there are no other trees to cut down because there are so many.
These once proud sentinels of our past, must be allowed to survive, because when they are all gone, like the Ghost Bird, or Ivory Billed Woodpecker, will it matter that we could have and should have made other, smarter choices?
We cannot continue in this blind, mindless rampage on our environment.
In the end we will all lose.

December 11, 2011

The Title Should Read Nuisance Homeowners!

Just reading the title of this story in the Orlando Sentinel gives me chills.
This type of thinking is why Black Bears in Florida end up being killed by State Officials.
The problem is that some really stupid homeowners do all of the wrong things and then cry to authorities to come save them from the terrible beasts in their yards.
If these stupid people would stop leaving these food sources out in their back yards, the Bears would stop coming.
People have been reported to having left whole animal carcasses and all kinds of pet/animal foods out at night which is a great, convenient, source of food for a hungry Bear.
Bears also really love bird seed, so will knock down any type of feeder to get at it.
Bears will always follow the food!
Please, keep it locked up or inside at night and save the life of a Bear!
*FYI, the final Black Bear Public Workshop Management, or discussion meeting is December 13th at 6 PM at the City Hall, 200 East University Ave. in Gainesville.
If you live in the area, perhaps you may wish to drop by and see just what is being planned for the future of Florida's only Bear, our beautiful Black Bear.

December 8, 2011

Does Living in the Waters of a Nuclear Plant Come With Risk?

The question must be raised again, as when the Manatees at Crystal River, were doing the same, is the water flowing out of this or any Nuclear Power Plant safe?
I have frequently been concerned that Manatees were being put at a risk, which could result in even minute genetic/DNA alterations, or other detrimental affects from the water at Crystal River and was assured by a Florida Biologist, that the water was perfectly safe for them.
But, I had my doubts.
Now that Crocodiles are mimicking the Manatees at Turkey Point in South Florida, I once again would like to have any Biologist in this state assure the public that there is absolutely no nuclear radiation in the waters that these Threatened and/or Endangered Mammals are residing in.
Still, I still have my doubts.

December 5, 2011

For the Florida Panther, Sometimes Humans Can Do Good Deeds

The Florida Panther is the single most Endangered Animal in the US, maybe even in the World and it is finally getting the break it needs in Southwest Florida to stay alive.
Car collisions have always been the number one killer of the Panther and this new Wildlife Crossing, paid for by City Gate, in their habitat in Collier County, is their single best hope for survival.
The Crossing was finished in May of this year and has already been shown to be a success and now in the final step of this plan to save our Panthers, Collier County has agreed to take over its upkeep.
It all looks good for the Florida Panther and other wildlife in the area, who now have a safer alternative to crossing the road, than meeting a speeding car in the middle of the road in the dark.

December 2, 2011

Is Wal-Mart Chairman Really the Worst of the 1%?

I do not know, but after reading the first article today, it gave me pause.
I have been somewhat leery of the products and policies of this company, pretty much since it's inception in Arkansas back in the 1960's.
We had relatives there and went back for Easter break nearly every year.
Often, during this mini-vacation, we would drive over to see this new kind of shopping place like it was a tourist attraction.
Our first trip to Wal-Mart was in the early 1970's, at a store near their home offices in Bentonville.
I remembered thinking at the time, that it seemed like a kind of wannabe version of a Woolworth's Store.
Back then, no one really knew, understood or cared about the way that Wal-Mart did business.
There was no China connection to retailers here then, so no reason to question their sources.
Today this company is pretty much the Retail ruler of the world.
Which is why I bring all of this up.
It is all about power and money and what it can and does buy.
Who do you imagine the number one money contributor is to the world's major Environmental Organizations?
Yep, Wal-Mart!
Now what do you think any of this has to do with this insignificant, little web site dedicated to protecting Endangered Species?
Wal-Mart is/has been using/giving its retail muscle on/to these groups as a form of quiet or hush money for years.
They give each of these groups so much money, that they can and do buy their silence and their blindness in protecting the Environment.
If you doubt this, please read the first story and then do a little research on your own.
It was a real eye opener and it made my stomach turn over.
When I shop there, I am contributing to this:

November 30, 2011

It's the Right Time for Whale Watching

Once again, we will be heading back to the Beach to hopefully, finally, get our first glimpse of the most highly Endangered Whale on this Planet, the North Atlantic Right Whale.
This week, they are heading south for the winter to our area for their annual birthing process.
Earlier this year we made three trips to the Atlantic Coast, hoping to be able to see one as they headed North for the summer, but we came up empty each time.
Maybe this time, we will get lucky.
If you also wish to see this remarkable mammal, whose numbers constantly remain between 350-400, you had better head for the South East Coast of Florida, soon.

November 27, 2011

There Are Two sides to the Python Dilemma in Florida

Our Senator Bill Nelson has just sent a letter to President Obama asking him to speed up the process for including the Burmese and other Pythons on the FWS's injurious species list.
Now, this may seem like a positive step in the direction of eliminating a species which has become the single most destructive force in the Everglades or other sensitive Ecosystems in Florida, but wait ........
The FWS is more than just a little apprehensive about this idea, saying that this may cause even more of them to be dumped into our wild places, mostly our lakes, swamps and rivers.
If this regulation is implemented, dealers would not be able to turn the snakes over to FWS, as they have no plans for accepting them.
You can guess what the fate of the snakes will be then.
FWS says they will only have an occasional, non native species turn in, or no questions asked, "amnesty days" throughout Florida.
Most Floridians have become aware of the history of these dangerous snakes and people are abandoning them as fast as they can, wherever.
These snakes are now being dumped all over our state, killed by dealers, collectors and owners who have either become afraid of them or simply don't want to feed them anymore.
Because of all of the negative news surrounding them, Pythons are no longer the fast money makers that they used to be.
These snakes, through no fault of their own, have become an enemy to be eradicated.
Trust me, I do not care for these types of snakes, but this all seems so sick and just mean.
What we need are rules/laws in place that will stop the sale or possession of these invasive Pythons anywhere in Florida, period.
Once that is done, these money grubbers will have to look elsewhere to make a quick buck and no more snakes will be murdered or worse, dumped into the Florida Everglades or our other Ecosystems, which are right now overrun with them.
It is one giant mess.

November 24, 2011

Does This Seem A Silly or Selfish Question?

I know that this may seem selfish or silly, but could someone please explain why we in Lake County or any county in Florida for that matter, must adhere to a very strict watering code, while we are giving away our very precious water to out of state companies who take millions of gallons out of the ground here daily for free?
I read in our paper a few days ago, that we must all go back to one day a week watering from now until Spring, when our "wet season" returns.
These water companies who came here, brought in most of their own employees to work, so therefore did not help with the Florida jobless problem, then they take our water and bottle it to sell to the world and pay Florida nothing for this?
This all makes those of us who live here, pay taxes and conserve water, feel pretty angry and yet no one running this state seems to mind, why is that?

November 21, 2011

Today is a Threefer!

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has recently released three new management/regulation plans to be reviewed, considered and commented on by the public.
I hope that you will take action on one or all of these, as there are implications of potential negative impact on each individual animal, if the public says or does nothing.
Please remember that they have no voice, except for yours.
The FWC links follow for each individual issue and animal involved in it:

November 18, 2011

Endangered Species News Bulletin

If like me, you are very concerned with the way that our wild things and wild places are being treated, this bi-monthly newsletter may be of interest to you.
The first link is for the bulletin and the second is for the sign up page:

November 15, 2011

Great Story For Those of Us Who Love Birds

This has been a good week for really well written stories about Endangered Florida species.
Today's is about the elusive Red Cockaded Woodpecker, which at one point was nearly wiped off the face of the Earth, but now is making a brave return due to the vigilance of the USFWS and some really dedicated human friends.
Luckily for us, the most important requirement for this bird are the old longleaf pines, which thankfully can still be found here in the Ocala National Forest.
These magnificent trees once made up most of the U.S. Southeastern woodlands, but were, like the birds who love them, nearly decimated by human greed.
Thank you to Bryan Stevens, for one of the best articles written in a long time about an Endangered bird, who is now on a mission to make it!
BTW Bryan, I share your feelings about the Ivory Billed.

November 12, 2011

The Florida Scrub Jay

This excellent work by Tom Palmer of the Lakeland Ledger, is one of the best articles to come out in a long time about the only indigenous bird of Florida, the Scrub Jay.
These birds, as have many other species in the state, have been chased from place to place, all over the state, as the builders, contractors and strip malls have moved in and pushed them out.
Too many of Florida's Ecosystems have become concrete playgrounds for the wealthy visitors who come, enjoy and go home without a thought to what their pleasures have cost our wildlife.
As Palmer so correctly points out, the Scrub Jay is a barometer on the health of Florida's fragile scrub lands, much of which are contained within the Lake Wales Ridge, which is also home to many other endangered species, including the sand skink, the gopher tortoise and the scrub morning glory.
So, if the Scrub Jay and the scrub lands are in serious jeopardy, what does that mean for the rest of Florida?
It means that it's time for all of us who live here year round to get off of our behinds and start writing, calling and bringing the kind of noise now on Wall Street to the white sandy beaches of Florida, only this time it's about saving the wild places and wild things, who cannot camp out on the sidewalks of New York or D.C.

November 9, 2011

The Whooping Cranes Have Left Wisconsin and Are Heading South

We in Central Florida have a very personal history with this magnificent bird and none of us will ever forget the violent night of storms and deadly tornados that killed 17 of them and 20 humans on Feb. 2, 2007.
What we here in the Ocala Forest area did not know was, the same tornado that passed over our house that night, taking human lives and leaving massive destruction behind, had already hit the West Coast Wildlife Refuge where the Endangered Cranes lived and had taken a tragic toll there first.
But today is all about hope and eager anticipation, as the Whooping Cranes are once again making their way south and their progress is being followed by several groups.
These three web sites have very detailed descriptions of the Whooping Crane, as well as great resources for learning more about them:

November 5, 2011

A Favorite New Blog Alert!!

Ok, I have just found a very cool Blog that should satisfy even the most die hard prehistoric science junkies.
You know, the ones who drool over Terra Nova, Avatar, Jurassic Park and the like, yes, myself included.
This unique Blog, comes to you from the great minds at Scientific American, which was a personal favorite reading all through college.
Today's posting is dedicated to the ancient ones of this Earth and reading it made me want to head north to Gainesville to the Natural History Museum at the University of Florida.
If you haven't yet been to the Gator Woman Fossil page, please try to take a look at it and then enjoy all of this tasty fossil matter~

November 2, 2011

Do You Know Bill Maxwell? If You Don't, You Should!

We are very fortunate that our local paper,  The Daily Commercial, runs his column.
Bill is a Native Floridian, a passionate man and most of the time, dead on in his editorials.
But this week, he has made comments that were a little unexpected.
He wrote about the beautiful wild places and wild creatures of our state and surprise, he loves them enough to lay it all out there in his column.
Maxwell writes for the St. Pete Times and running this story in a state, where hunters rule and their lobbyists take no prisoners, took no small amount of courage.
Bill's story is sure to invoke severe criticism from those who fiercely defend their right to "kill at will" and blast any who dare to stand against them.
Bless you Bill, you are one of the few writers here who is willing to take a stand for protecting those who have no voice:
our wild things, our wild places, our Wild Florida.
And, for those who don't like it, they can, well you know.......

October 30, 2011

Something to Think About

Found two thought provoking web sites this morning for your consideration and while both make critical observations on the condition of our planet,
neither offers opinions intended for the faint of heart or mind.
The first is from the Center for Biological Diversity who wonders out loud, as have others forever, just how many more people this already over burdened planet can support:
The second is from NPR and asks you to consider the pros and cons of the Paleo-Diet, an uprising or movement of sorts, that has found some strong support for its so-called prehistoric or primal lifestyle agenda:
And, what does all of this have to do with Endangered Wildlife Species you might ask?
They both bring into focus the fact that human overpopulation and wide spread animal consumption, are absolutely affecting the wildlife on this Planet and not in a good way.

October 27, 2011

Get 'em!

See a crime in the wild, there are now multiple ways for concerned
Florida citizens to report violators: call it, email it, online it, or text it!
FWC has become techno savvy with new ideas to keep Florida wildlife safe
and making it easier to get those who harm our wildlife and/or environment.
Now we can all work together to keep Florida wild and free~
To Report a crime in the wild:
To Call:  888-404-3922 or *FWC/#FWC
To Email: fwcnews@myfwc.com
To Text:  Tip@MyFWC.com

October 24, 2011

It Is Finally October

The weather is the reason for the season now in Florida.
It is crisp and cool and the air is clean and pure.
Being able to throw open the windows every morning now is a joy.
No air conditioning, just fresh air.
Wait, I can actually hear the Sand Hill Cranes just above the roof.
Fall in Florida has finally arrived.
Time to get out and see what makes this state so beautiful.
From the East Atlantic Coast beaches and lighthouses,
to the West Coast and the snow white sandy Gulf Shores,
all along the panhandle, south to magical Miami
or way down to the Keys,
it is all there and beckoning you to come.
The weather is perfect right now for a drive to anywhere.
Ahhh Florida.........

October 21, 2011

The Horror of Selfish Humans

For those of you who do not live in Florida, the story in Ohio this week may not have been quite as painful for you, as it was for those here who have had to deal with the out of control, turned loose wherever, wild exotics found all around us.
For some reason, only the idiots who buy/acquire these wild animals can explain, these people try to bring them into an average neighborhood without a thought to the consequences.
And as was the case in Ohio, when these selfish owners can no longer care for them, they just turn them loose, wherever it suits them.
It is hard to understand, harder still to accept.
What happened in Ohio this week is clearly an example of why exotic animals need to be forbidden from being sold or owned, anywhere, ever.
I feel the saddest for little children who had to witness the horror of the ongoing coverage of this story and do not know how each parent managed to explain to their child how or why this all happened.
The whole point is this, exotic animals are not pets, they are wild animals and can never be anyone's pet.
They are wild and should remain so, forever.
Please let us not forget the images we all witnessed this week, for the sake of all those who died, please never forget.
But, we can help change this.
Help to pass the legislation where you live, to outlaw the ownership and sale of exotic animals, like we in Florida are trying so desperately to do.
The forces on the other side are well funded, so it is an uphill battle, at least here in Florida.
No links are given for this story because not one could be found without any pictures.
God Bless them and may they all now rest in peace.

October 18, 2011

Will the Everglades Ever Be Cleaned Up?

If you read any of the stories below, you may begin to understand why so many years after they were first ordered to do so, the state of Florida has still not done what it has been given $100 million to do, get the toxins out of the Everglades.
Everyone involved has their own excuse, or agenda, but the bottom line is this, no one wants to spend big money on the Everglades.
Cleaning up the Everglades, will find no supporters among the Sugar companies, even though the phosphorus that is its main pollutant, comes from them, nor our own elected officials like Rooney and Micawho together have helped to set clean water in this state back 40 years.
Checks have been written, delivered and accepted for the single purpose of getting the job done, but someone in Tallahassee will have to commit to it and so far, no one is willing.
And, if you think our new Governor will finally be the one, think again.
Marjory Stoneman Douglas is watching with a heavy heart and wondering who will do the right thing for her beloved Everglades.

October 15, 2011

One Tiny Butterfly With One Big Problem

Most of you have probably never heard of the Miami Blue Butterfly.
It is not even as big as your thumb and survives in only one place in the world, the Florida Keys.
The factors leading to the impending demise of the Blue include the usual habitat loss by development and invasive species, but another huge contributor has been the endless chemical spraying in the area for mosquitoes, which has negatively impacted not only the Miami Blue Butterfly, but other species as well.
The biggest problem for the Blue is that to date, its predicament has received little attention, because the agencies responsible for protecting it, have dragged their feet until the last possible minute and now it could be too late.
Enter a group of students from Duke who may be the Miami's last best hope:

October 12, 2011

Two Out of Three is Good!

Nest counts for Florida Sea Turtles are up.
The Green and Leatherbacks are doing well and the third, the Loggerhead, is at about the same place that it was a year ago, which is still better than the recent past.
But any good news for Sea Turtles, makes those who have been worried for years about their future, breathe just a little better.
All of the hard work done by just regular people and Florida Wildlife Agencies is beginning to pay off and makes the extra efforts worthwhile.
Besides, most coastal dwellers have adjusted to turning their lights off early at night during nesting season to help out~

October 9, 2011

Do You Know If the Food That You Just Ate Was Real or Memorex?

Do you want Human Growth Hormones (HGH) in your milk?
Do you want to eat fish that has been created, (GMO) or is as the
press and food safety groups like to call it, Frankenfish?
Do you know how much Mercury you eat?
Please take a look at the stories below and ask yourself this question:
Should the former lawyer for Monsanto, Michael Taylor, be in charge of the regulations for food product safety at the FDA?
How stupid do they think the American public is and how long do they think that they can get away with this?
Want an answer, take a look at Wall Street today.
It's time for all of us to ask questions and demand answers.
Americans must demand that our food be safe, free of toxins and chemicals and not genetically modified, (GMO).
Neither we, nor our children, nor our pets, should be eating these potentially dangerous foods.
The American Public is not a Lab experiment for big Corporations, the FDA and/or any Government Agency.
We all have the right to know what we are eating.
This group has a petition that you may wish to read and/or sign:
Please, educate yourself and learn more about real food safety:

October 6, 2011

Today is a Terrific Twofer!

Two stories on our local news this morning gave cause for celebration.
The City of Ocala says that they have found a way to "rid " themselves of their duck "problem" without killing the ducks.
They will be sending the ducks to a place where they cannot escape they say and that they will not be killed.
And the second joyous story, the Airboat business so determined to set up shop on Lake Toho, has decided to go elsewhere to run his 20 tourist trips a day.
He gave no reason for his decision, but with all of the negative press and sizable numbers of those against him at each of the previous meetings, I think he got the message.
So, two small victories for Florida Wildlife today.
Yes, we can and do make a difference when we get involved and stand up for what is right for Wildlife.

October 3, 2011

Calling All Parrot Heads

Last week we took a long drive to Indiana for a family reunion.
It had been nearly 12 years since my last one and it was fun being there, but when we got home it was still hot and muggy here, leaving us missing the nice cool weather of the Midwest.
But yesterday, we finally got the break from the 90's Floridians wait seven long months for, our sort of Fall, southern style!
With the morning temperatures yesterday and today in the low 50's, many Floridians are now yearning for the one place where we can really get away from it all, the Keys.
If you have never been down to the Keys, what on earth are you waiting for?
The seemingly endless road work appears to be finished and it's all just waiting there, to take you away.
I can hear Jimmy Buffet calling my name......

September 29, 2011

Is this Really a New Plan or Just a Ploy?

The USFWS has come up with a new plan to review a long list of Wildlife to possibly put under the protection of Endangered Species Act.
This move by the current administration may only be a ploy to improve their chilly relationship with Wildlife Advocates who see Obama as not such a good friend to Wildlife at present.
Will all of these strange bedfellows cozy up together for a long winters nap or be thrown out into the cold?
It is going to be a very long campaign season.
The list of the species and the plan are here: ESA Plan

September 26, 2011

To Hunt or Not to Hunt, That is the Question

When it comes to the critically Endangered Florida Panther, there is little room for error.
Even though the Panthers numbers have remained at a perilous level for half a century, hunters in Florida are demanding that the Big Cypress Preserve be opened up to hunting.
This is the only restaurant that the Panther has and the menu only has a few items on it, most importantly the White Tailed Deer.
If hunters are allowed into this area to kill them, how many will remain for the Panther to survive on?
I live in the Ocala Forest and have seen these same hunters in action, repeatedly.
They travel up and down our local roads with their dogs in cages.
The dogs are kept starving, so that they will hunt better.
After they are released into the woods, the hunters go in and kill at will.
Meanwhile, the dogs can be seen on the side of the road, their ribs hanging out, wearing their radio collars and desperately waiting to be picked up by their owners.
Some are hit and killed on the road, others have ended up lost, trying to get into our local post office or begging at local homes for food.
These are the kind of people who will do the right thing, right?
They would never kill more deer than they are allowed to, right?
So let's see, the Panther has had its habitat chopped to pieces, or virtually eliminated, now they want to take its food, what does that leave?
Maybe we could take the air that they breathe as well?
The hunters have an entire state to hunt in, the Panther has only one place left.
When the deer are all gone, the severely Endangered Florida Panther will of course take what ever it can find; cows, pets, you name it, if you were starving wouldn't you?
Come on people, think about this, it's not rocket science, it's survival.
You can read more about it and then respond/react here: Hunting Management Plan

September 23, 2011

Does It Make Any Sense to Drill In the Everglades?

Lately it seems, an increasing number of elected officials are in favor of drilling in one of the most sensitive Ecosystems on the Planet, the Everglades.
Bachmann wants to drill there and she doesn't even live here.
How could she possibly understand the impact that this action could have?
Then Scott jumped on the bandwagon, saying it might be a good idea, only to recant a few days later, after the fire was lit under him.
Crist even said it might be feasible once and also recanted quickly.
Don't these people see the ongoing impact of the Gulf Disaster as a warning sign of the likely negative possibilities that this move could have on the entire region?
When will the people with all the power start acting like responsible adults, instead of like greedy little children fighting for their own way in the sand box?
We who are not paid elected officials, can see the big picture, when will the politicians?

September 20, 2011

When it Comes to the Everglades, Everybody Has Their Own Agenda

The Everglades and Lake Okeechobee have been besieged for so long, that it is hard to remember a time when the very mention of their names, did not evoke passionate responses from all sides.
South Florida just wants the water, the developers just want the land and the cattle ranchers just want it all to stay the same.
The one party in this ongoing drama that rarely get asked for their opinion, are the wildlife, who are at the mercy of all of these warring factions.
Now, the Feds have come up with what they think is a great idea, but I guess that depends on whose side you are on.
This story reveals the Government in all its glory, just like the politicians and the lobbyists, their agenda is the best one and we should all just accept that.
In the end, who will profit, who will suffer?
Can you guess?

September 16, 2011

Broward County Implements New Rule for Manatees

Broward County, which has as many as 927 Manatees, has become a favorite winter home for them, so recently the FWC passed a new rule to protect them during this time.
Beginning November 15 and going until March 31, Florida boaters will have to slow down, not just on the weekends, but during the week too.

September 5, 2011

Store Your Trash Florida and Save a Bear!

The Florida FWC has sent out a great news memo for us all to adhere to this Fall, stash your garbage and save a Bear.
All Bears are getting ready for winter and are eating everything in sight.
The recent tragic deaths involving Bears and their cubs here in Central Florida were a direct result of them getting into trouble when thoughtless homeowners left food out where the Bears could get at it.
This is the hungriest time of the year for Bears and they will take advantage of any food that their paws can reach!
If you would like to get a Bear proof trash can, contact your local Trash Collector.
So be Bear aware and put your trash where they cannot get into it,
or it is on you if they get into trouble!

September 2, 2011

Disasters Bring Out the Best in People

Although the state of Florida did not take a direct hit from Hurricane Irene, our Eastern Coastal areas and the wild things that live there were very much impacted by the Hurricane's high tides and big waves.
Hundreds of hatchlings were brought to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach by good Florida citizens who wanted to help the latest victims of Irene.
When we see helpless things in need, how can we not?