Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

February 26, 2011

Genetically Engineered Food, Monsanto Strikes Again!

It would appear that Monsanto doesn't want too much, just to take over how and what the World eats!
Right now, they are claiming that GE Food is the answer to all of the Worlds Food Problems.
Should we continue our dependency on their vast array of Chemicals and Pesticides and allow them to flood the World Food Market with GE Food?
The Chemical and Pesticide overuse/abuse for the past 50 years is altering Human and Animal DNA and putting even more of them and us in danger of becoming extinct.
We need fewer Chemicals and Pesticides on this Planet, not more!
Read this story and make your own decision:
Monsanto Wants to Sell You a Better Way to Eat

February 24, 2011

Who Will Inherit the New Wildlife Refuge Lands?

The headwaters of the Florida Everglades are critical on so many levels, as it feeds one of the most important Wildlife Habitats in the Country.
The area is home to the Endangered Panther, Snail Kite and so many others whose future may depend on what happens next.
In the meantime, as ranchers, sportsmen and others fight over who will get what, the Animals who have no voice in this at all, wait to see which end of the stick they will draw!
Read the story here: New Wildlife Refuge

February 22, 2011

Swimming with the Sweetest Mammal in Florida

If you have never seen the Florida West Indian Manatee at Blue Springs Park in Orange City, maybe you could travel to the Other Florida Coast and watch them at the Crystal River Wildlife Refuge.
Many years ago when my children were quite young, we were so very fortunate to have had the unforgettable pleasure of swimming with Manatees.
The encounter left us breathless.
They love human touch it would seem, coming close, nudging us, exploring us, no fear.
This is remarkable, considering that Humans contribute to their deaths so frequently, boats strikes and fishing line entanglements being the primary culprits.
But, the biggest contributor to their demise this year, was the extreme cold weather during December and January that killed hundreds.
Thankfully, the weather is warming, Spring is coming and Manatees are once again gathering at their favorite places to enjoy it all.
Now is the perfect time to take a trip to one of these spots and share the world of the Florida Manatee.
Come make memories with your children!

February 20, 2011

The Mother Lode of Pesticide Information

This new, to me, Blog, was just found today.
It supports and defines so many of the issues that have been addressed in the past and maybe in the future on this Blog.
If you have no idea what Pesticides can do to every living thing on this Planet, please read some of the Postings on this web site.
It will open your eyes and perhaps terrify you.
At the very least, you will learn why you should be very aware of them.
Beyond Pesticides: Category Chemicals

February 19, 2011

Millions Will Stay in Budget for Everglades Project

President Obama has promised money from his budget for Florida 's  Endangered Wildlife and the Habitat that they and so many other Endangered Animals call home, the Big Cypress Preserve and the Everglades:
Everglades Restoration Project

But all this good news is tempered by the opposition to saving land for wildlife by local hunters, fishermen and air boat tour owners:
Everglades Plan Draws Fierce Opposition

In the end who will win this battle?
Probably those with opposable thumbs who can VOTE!

February 17, 2011

The Whooping Crane's Struggle to Survive

The future for this Magnificent Bird just has to get better.
It has been through so much for so long and right now,
it is only trying to stay alive.
But ignorance and stupidity follow it everywhere it goes!

February 15, 2011

The National Park Service Blows it

The Florida Panther is running out of room and one of its last best hopes in the Big Cypress Preserve, was just squashed by the NPS:
NPS Director Jarvis has taken a stand against the Panther and we need to make it clear to him that the Florida Panther cannot and will not, go the way of the DO-DO Bird.

Please read this great letter from Florida Congressman Alcee Hastings to NPS Director Jarvis: Letter to NPS Director Jarvis

If you agree with the letter, please call Rep. Hastings contact person:
Laure Fabrega at 202 225-0923.

Also, please call NPS Director Jarvis' contact person:
Maria Forte at 202 208-4621.

They both need to understand that Floridians think that the lives of our Endangered Panthers are more important than allowing Off Road Vehicles (ORV) to take away their last tiny space of open land.

February 9, 2011

The Right Whale in the Wrong Place

One of the rarest mammals in the world, the North Atlantic Right Whale is a cherished resident of our Florida Coastline.
Recently one was found dead off of St. Augustine and the cause was determined to be entanglement. This is one of the two usual causes of death for them, the other being boat strikes. As with Manatees, this large mammal is commonly a victim of man's refusal to accept the fact that they were here for millions of years before we came and that we must give them their space to live in.
Without respect and protection, the Right Whale, whose numbers are between 300-400 worldwide, will soon disappear.
NOAA tells their story here:
Death of a Young Right Whale

February 6, 2011

The Cranes

Good Morning World:
It is 61 degrees and misting/drizzling a light rain this morning in the Ocala Forest and the resident birds are all sleeping in.
Except, that is, for the Cranes who have just flown over the house, landing in the open field across the street loudly announcing their presence.
If you have not experienced their calls, think more Jurassic Park than Canaries!
Until moving here in 2004, I had never heard such a sound and can honestly say that they were the primary reason for choosing this particular house.
Want to hear them up close and personal?
Please go here: Sandhill Cranes

February 4, 2011

Have you hugged your Honey Bee today?

Good Morning World:
This information was just sent to me this morning and although Honey Bees
are not a Florida Endangered Species, their numbers have dropped dramatically all over the country at an alarming rate.
The cause of this, some are claiming is what else, Pesticides!
In case you are not aware, without these little guys, all flowering plant life on the Earth would cease to reproduce.
Bees make it all happen.
Here in Central Florida, there have been continuous reports of a rapid decrease of Honey Bees and for a state whose number two source of income is agriculture, this could be disastrous.
The number one money maker for Florida is, of course, tourism!
So please do peruse the links below for the whole story on the disappearing Honey Bee in America.

The EPA and Pesticides

February 1, 2011

Monsanto and Pesticides, how much do you know about them?

2010 was a very difficult year.
Losing our beautiful Airedale to Cancer was devastating.
I did not know that the number one cause of death in dogs is now Cancer?
But the thing that makes it impossible to get over, is in knowing that her death may have been directly related to the food that she ate.
A result of searching for answers to the cause of Cancer in a young, healthy dog was the alarming discovery that many pet foods contain a pesticide called Ethoxyquin and that it has been linked to Cancer.
If your pets kibble (dry food) has any fish in it, there is a good chance that while it sat on a boat in port, it was sprayed with this toxin, in fact the Coast Guard requires it.
And guess who makes Ethoxyquin?

Big Chemical Companies are being sued right now by Environmental groups for their Pesticide link to poisoning Wildlife.
The Pesticides these Companies produce are poisoning animals, land and people, big time!
California has so many lawsuit cases related to Pesticides, that the Courts will be filled for years trying to settle it all.

The USDA has just caved in and will now allow GE ( genetically engineered) Alfalfa to be produced.
It starts when the animals eat it and then trickles down to everything connected to them, like milk, eggs, etc.
Everything will be changed by GE feed.
But, that's a whole 'nother story!

So, when you feed your dog or cat tonight, ask yourself if you really know what they are eating.
If you buy their food, have you read the label on it?
Ask the Company who makes it if it contains Ethoxyquin.
The best preservative is a natural one, never a pesticide or chemical.

But, the very best food for your pet is the one you make at home.
Diced Organic veggies, Organic Greek Yogurt with blueberries,
these are just part of our dogs daily diet.
If this sounds like Human Food, it is.
And it is what your pet deserves.
Not the stuff sold at the stores which contain toxins that will make your pet sick and eventually kill them.
You can learn more about this at these web sites:
Monsanto and their Pesticides
Pesticides Poison More than 200 Endangered Species
EPA Sued Over Pesticides, Endangered Species
Organic Meat and Dairy About to Become History
Lawsuit Says Pesticides Threaten Florida Wildlife
United in Oppositon
Ten Dog Foods that cause Cancer