Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgivukkah

bubble (2)
The bubble light ” menorah ” was an early Christmas gift from my Mom, she knows how much I love them.
When she gave me this a month ago, no one was talking about Thanksgivukkah!  
Yes I know it has 2 too many lights to be a true Menorah~


On this rarest of rare  days,  two very traditional holidays are being combined to create something that will not happen again for 70,000 years,
Thanksgiving and the beginning  of  Hanukkah  have  fallen on the same day.
As I write this warm greeting to you from Florida, the  “Sunshine State,”    it is at this very moment, 31 degrees.
But,  coming from  the cold Midwest, this cold,  for Florida, weather makes today feel like so many  childhood memories.
I would like to wish all of you the safest and happiest Holiday today, which ever one you and your family celebrate~
My Mom and Dad will be coming for dinner, so I will be cooking all day, and loving it.
Joining WordPress in March has proven to be one of the most personally rewarding things that I have ever done,
because, it  has permitted me to express my lifelong deep concerns for the animals that I wish to protect from harm.
The sweetest surprise in this amazing adventure or joyous journey, is that there are so many others, like each of you,  who feel just as passionate about this same issue and your overwhelming support has meant the world to me.
So, on this special day when we hold those we love close,   please accept my warm best wishes to you and yours,  where ever in the world you are~
Happy Thanksgivukkah to you all~

November 26, 2013

Righteous Rescuers

thunderRVR    adonissargeRVR    katieRVR
All pictures credit:   RVR Facebook page

This story was in our local paper recently and it is being passed along to all of you, because they do so much good:
Volunteers Work To Save Abused Horses
This is a one time call for involvement, or a plea for you to get involved with an organization that works tirelessly for desperately needy animals.
I have seen and known many Rescue groups, but never, ever, one in my life, like this one, please visit their Facebook Page and be ready to fall in love with a group of people who have set the bar so high, they can never be surpassed.
This posting is about an amazing group of people who have a singular purpose in life, they rescue unwanted horses, very unwanted horses.
This rescue group is, in their own words, “ dedicated to saving and rehabilitating horses. “
Their name is RVR Horse Rescue and they are in Riverview, which is near Tampa , Florida.
So, why is this request for help being posted here today, you may ask?
Because like all good animal rescue places, they could use a little bit of help.
They are a 501(c)(3) Award winning, non-profit organization and like so many others,  they are completely dependent on the generosity of the public to survive and keep doing the wonderful work that they do for those “with no voice.”
“ People need to be prosecuted for their crimes against these Horses.”
If you are in the area, or just want to help financially, please either email them, call them, or plan to make a visit to see what wonderful work they are doing, for beautiful horses who were at the end of their road and got a second chance at life.
God Bless them for what they do and you too if you choose to help them~

Here is their beautiful website: RVR Horse Rescue
RVR Horse Rescue Inc.
12611 Hayes Clan Rd
Riverview, FL 33579
Phone: (813) 280-9299

As always, please,learn more about them, and if you like what you see, get involved if you are able!

November 24, 2013

Take Two

loggerheadnoaa2                                  Silver Springs Florida in 1886
A Loggerhead Sea Turtle Credit: NOAA                 Silver Springs Florida in 1886

Thank God it is ” Good News”  Sunday.
What a ghastly, awful week of news this has been for animals.
But, there have also been two good happenings in our local animal news, so, with that bright thought in mind, today’s posting  is perhaps, aptly named Take Two.

Take One
A Loggerhead Sea Turtle was released into the waters off shore of Ponce Inlet yesterday after months of recovery and rehabilitation at the Marine Science Center.
His name was Benjamin and he was lucky rescue number 100!
This is one hundred creatures who might not be alive today, were it not for the talents, dedication and kindness of the outstanding group of people at this place.
This is just another example of the work that these amazing caretakers do everyday at the Marine Science Center in Ponce Inlet, Florida.
If you love Sea Life, this is one place you simply must come to visit and learn all about the near miracles that have been and are being performed on, the lucky creatures that they rescue.
You may learn more about these local Heroes here:
Marine Science Center To Release Benjamin
Benjamin The Loggerhead Sea Turtle Is Set Free

Take Two
You may remember a story first written about here in April of this year, about the  beautiful Silver Springs area near Ocala.
It was recently turned over to the state of Florida, after being managed for many years, for an unknown reason, by a company in California.
Now that it has become a National Landmark and Florida has taken over the care of it, it is reported that it will soon be listed as ” threatened.”
This is great news for a truly “unique to Florida,” Ecosystem, that has been allowed to degrade and become completely run down due to lack of care and attention.
The water at Silver Springs has, like so many of the beautiful natural springs areas around the state, over the years become so polluted, with toxins creeping in and making the waters nasty for anything that inhabits it.
Once the National Park Service officially declares it “ threatened, “ there will begin a major clean up, with an immediate call, I am sure, for volunteers to come forward to help.
Feds Will Label Marion County’s Silver Springs As Threatened
If you live near enough, you may consider lending a hand to help bring back to life, one of the most pristine, serenely elegant places in all of Florida.
The new background of this Blog is of a Silver Springs swamp area.
For many years this stunning piece of Florida Natural History was a number one attraction with their famous glass bottom boats.
Now, thanks to some recent positive changes, Silver Springs will be getting a helping hand to bring it back to its original beauty and shine once again.
You may read more about this story here:
Silver Springs Makes Wrong List

November 21, 2013

Poignant Pigs

A Baby Pig
Picture credit: Balibagus

On our news this morning, came a story that I could not wait to share with all of you.
It could not wait until “ Good News” Sunday, so now, I must find, hopefully, another one for that day!
This story concerns a video of extreme animal abuse, that became a public video and exposed a company and their supplier for the horrific treatment of animals.
Tyson Foods really had no choice, once they had been exposed and the supplier caught in this heinous behavior, but to end their relationship with them.
Personally, I believe that if they had not been caught ”on film,” they more than likely would still be doing business with them.
As the story explained, Tyson Foods has ”dropped” an Oklahoma Supplier for extreme cruelty to the pigs it slaughters.
There is something so insane about that sentence.
The heroes in this story are a group called Mercy For Animals.
Here is a link to their web site, but please be forewarned some places on the site are quite gruesome:
Mercy For Animals
But how on Earth can we stop this horror for animals, if people don’t know what is being done?
Only go to their site, if you can bear seeing animals suffering horribly and avoid the Walmart section.
Here is my point for bringing this to your attention.
If you do still eat meat, do you have any idea what that very process and decision has on millions of animals all over the world?
You must understand that huge companies like Tyson and Walmart have only one thing in mind when they do business and it is MONEY! All that they care about is the bottom line, who will do it the cheapest.
The details are none of their concern, until like now, when they are caught.
Thank God for this group and may I add, that they are very brave, for capturing this on film because otherwise, the very high-priced lawyers for these companies could deny, deny, deny, in court and WIN!
There was another very strongly warned video that came up during my search, but I was afraid to click on it and did not wish to share it with you, what is already here, is probably more than many of you will ever want to see or know.
Although the story explains the reason for Tyson’s decision, which I might add was not enough, it could have, should have been, much more detailed and had so much more about this behavior and how wide-spread it is in the Food Industry!
Every decent, moral, conscionable company within the vital Food Industry, who learns of this kind of behavior, or treatment, should with no hesitation, rid themselves of the demons that now purvey it. One last thought, I have always loved all pigs, and would have them in our yard, if legally allowed~
Here is the story:   Tyson To Drop Oklahoma Hog Supplier After Abuse Video

November 19, 2013

Dear Deer!

A White Tailed Deer
Picture credit: Clay Heaton

As a dedicated animal protector and especially a Deer lover, you had to know that this story would be here!
The only thing that I find more despicable than those who harm animals, are those who hunt them with bows and most especially with cross bows, as our new neighbors across the street from us do.
The reason for the repugnance in the use of this heinous weapon, is the long-term suffering it causes the victim.
This new weekend visiting idiot, who looks about twenty or so, stands alongside a fence with another person who appears to be an adult, ( and seems to approve of this act) with cars driving by, here on our road leading into a well populated neighborhood.
He has been doing this practicing for several weekends, now that it is deer killing season, and he/they are practicing on a telephone pole, right in front of our house and right next to a busy road.
Cars going by, are within a foot or two of these two, who could  accidentally end them at any moment.
What on Earth is in his/their heads, it cannot be a brain?
These people are new in the RV Park across from us out here in the woods and hopefully they will go back to where they came from, very soon.
And hopefully no one will be killed before they do.
You must know how hard it is to live out here surrounded by these lunatics, who stand on their cars/trucks, shooting into the open fields, with cars driving right along the road that they are parked on.
Coming to live in rural Florida from Los Angeles was expected to be culture shock, but this is ridiculous.
Sometimes it feels like we have left the United States and gone to live in the twilight zone.
Some of the things that happen out here, defy explanation to the rational mind.
During hunting season, whenever we need to go into civilization, no matter which way we choose, there is a sickening sight to be seen, in one direction are those standing on their vehicles shooting into open fields and the other way has a weighing station where there is always a line of hunters, with their kill to be weighed!
Most of these “great white hunters” use dogs and they way that many of them are treated, is next to criminal.
Many of them are wearing radio collars, so that they can be easily found.
But this is not always the case.
Some end up dead on the roads, hit by cars, others sit for hours waiting on the sides of the roads to be picked up by their owners and occasionally,  they wander into our local post office, or up on my mom’s front porch, starving, scared and just wanting to be loved.
My views about deer and if it is ethical or humane to hunt them, are my own, and do not follow the norm of society, I accept that.
I know that I am in an extreme minority here.
I have often looked into their faces, when I am lucky enough to see them and think that there are few creatures on the Earth with more gentle, kinder or sweeter eyes and gazes.
Trying to survive out here among the “duck dynasty type people” is hard, but nothing will drive me out of here.
There is in this beautiful place, as far as can be seen, nothing but pure wild Nature and stunning wildlife and the Hunters are for me, an ugly part of life here, that simply must be dealt with, like it or not.
Thankfully, the deer killing season will be ending soon and those who presently are running amuck up and down the roads here, killing at will, with IQ’s perhaps smaller than my shoe size, must find something else to hurt.
In the meantime, you may find this story as mildly vindicating as I did.
Can you say KARMA?
Oh dear!
Oh Deer, Florida Hunter Faces Firearm Charges

November 17, 2013

Safe Sanctuary

Majestic African Elephants

Thankfully, today is ”Good News Sunday” and this story, is one that should bring great pride and pleasure to all Floridians who love animals.
One of the most majestic, emotion evoking animals to ever inhabit this Earth, has had to do its best to survive, in spite of the onslaught of evil directed toward it, so with all of the tragedies be falling African Elephants, wouldn’t you cheer to hear a truly inspirational story about them?
Here in Florida we are so fortunate to be the proud possessor of a new, long overdue home, for Elephants to go to live and be free from harm, in a safe, natural, familiar environment.
The only sad part, is that this amazing new facility will not be open to the public.
It will however, allow those who study and care for Elephants elsewhere to, come and observe and learn, but there will be no public interaction with them.
Considering what treatment they have received from Humans, can we really object to this?
The new National Elephant Center or as one story refers to it, “Pachyderm Playground,” is in Fellsmere, Florida and sits on 225 acres of mostly orange groves, which have already been giving immense pleasure to some of its newest residents.
The Sanctuary will be a unique retirement and/or breeding home for African and perhaps Asian Elephants as well and none of them will ever be bought or sold.
New Guests will be arriving from time to time and be accepted into the hopefully, expanding family.
The facility is now and will most likely forever, be completely dependent on donations, you can learn more about  how to help and what they do here: Elephant Sanctuary
An additional story is here:   Sanctuary Offer New Homes To Elephants
This story is also about the Sanctuary,  but please be fore-warned there are included in it,  some very sad statistics: The National Elephant Center

November 16, 2013

Crime Pays!

A  Nurse Shark in  Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary
Picture credit:  NOAA  Dr. Mathew Gilligan

Sometimes the bad guys do get caught, but really, what good does it do?
Is fining them really going to stop their illicit behavior or shut them down?
This man in California has been dealing with Floridians, to sell poached Sharks on, wait for it, my very favorite online place to look for stolen things, Craigslist!
Remember back in September, after we were robbed at the Drury Hotel, several of the Indianapolis authorities that we talked to, suggested that we go to look for our stolen things there?
How do the people who run this website manage to stay out of jail?
The numbers of criminals who use it now is insane.
You can find everything and anything there, that you really never would want to know about.
And has eBay now also become a just as popular place for dumping the loot of thieves?
Yes, this wildlife criminal was caught and yes it will cost him, but, really home confinement?
Unless they took away his computer, this guy can continue to operate and get rich from his dirty little wildlife poaching business from his laptop!
How on Earth can we ever hope to put a serious dent in wildlife crime, with these kinds of meaningless penalties?
This man, like the one who robbed us in Indiana, will, no thanks to our inept justice system, continue to steal.
The ridiculous story is below, be prepared to lose it, I did!
Oh well, thankfully tomorrow is "Good News"  Sunday.
I will now go and find something to make all of us smile again.

Man Sentenced For Peddling Florida Sharks Online

November 12, 2013


A BLM roundup in Nevada
Kindly permitted: American Wild Horse Preservation

By now you may or may not be, tired of reading about this vile issue here, but it is here again, none the less.
Once again, the courts have ceased for the moment, the despicable practice of horse slaughter in this country.
So, is this a reprieve, hardly!
Those at the forefront of this ” murder for money” business have fought too long and hard to give up.
Despite the total outrage and hostility from every corner of this country and many others, two facilities are on the brink of opening up their shops for business and that business is the killing of horses.
Regardless of which side of the fence you may sit on in this issue, the problem is that we should not be eating wild horses, or any horses, for that matter.
It’s not like our country is in immediate danger of running out of meat for sale, the stores are packed to the ceilings everywhere, with every kind of meat you can imagine.
If you think this is an overstatement, take a look the next time you are in a grocery store, at which department is given the most floor space.
Now, back to the issue.
I read about this latest update yesterday, but had just finished the post for Veteran's Day, so let it go.
Ask me if I slept last night, knowing that this was what I was going to write about today.
Not much!
This ugly issue has been festering in my brain, since the words were first written here months ago.
I simply cannot understand why this is being allowed, nay being pushed down the American throats.
So, why the pressure, the big push, to kill every wild horse?
I have had a theory for months now, who would benefit most from these horses being gone?
Think cows!
If wild, free horses are eating grasses in states all over the country, it could be a threat to huge cattle ranches, right?
What does this say about us as a Nation?
I for one, am ashamed to live in a country, where this is not only allowed, but is being encouraged, with the full support of by the BLM, FDA and the US Government.
The American public is being deceived by so many, it is hard to keep track:
USDA/Forest Service Shuts Down Public Observation at Controversial Wild Horse Roundup
Has everyone conveniently forgotten about this? Wild and Free Roaming Horses Act
What animal will be next, I fear to ask?
If this cruelty cannot be stopped, I for one, will take it very personally and feel like a complete failure.
This Blog exists for one singular purpose, to expose and hopefully cease the pain being inflicted on innocent animals.
If I have completely failed in an issue which is so close to me, why would I wish to continue?
It would seem that I have done little or nothing here to make a difference.
Is there any hope?
Can we  Stop Horse Slaughter?

You may read this most recent story, with all of its mixed messages here:
Federal Appeals Court Temporarily Halts Horse Slaughter

November 11, 2013

God Bless You Every One

Some gave all.
Members of the 15th Airlift Wing Honor Guard at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii.

On this very important day, Veteran’s Day, may each of us take a moment to say thank you to the bravest Humans to ever walk the Earth, the members of our United States military.
But we should also Honor not just our own military members, but all who serve, all over the world.
There are brave people serving, defending and protecting their individual countries, who do and have sacrificed everything, in the name of honor to their own country.
If on this day, or indeed any day, you meet or pass by a Veteran, won’t you please take just a second of your time, to say to them, " Thank you for your service and Welcome Home? ”
We, those you proudly serve for and do your best to defend, Honor you all on this day.
God Bless America and God Bless you every one.

November 10, 2013

Priceless Panda’s

A Panda Cub from Wolong, Sichuan, China
Picture credit: Sheila Lau

What day is it? What day is it?
Why of course, it is feel good Sunday!
And the only posting allowed here on this day, has to make you feel good!
This delightful story came on our local news just a few minutes ago and I could not wait to share it with all of you.
It would seem that the world is just exploding in Panda births, in fact the story said that they have actually doubled, with 49 being born in China this year.
For those of you who are familiar with this extremely endangered animal, this is of course, cause for Global jubilation.
Is there a single one among you,  who is not a sap for a Panda face?
They may be the National pride and joy of China, but the rest of the world has fallen in love with them as well and where ever they go, joy and squeals of delight and absolute ” Panda-monium “ do surely follow.
How can you not go weak in the knees when you see their precious, sweet innocent faces?
The majority of Panda’s live in China, with the world’s foremost intensive care and research being carried out there at the  Chengdu Research Base Panda capital of the world. “
There are Panda Cams in China, as well as other locations around the world, they are even here in the United States, at the Smithsonian, Memphis, San Diego and Atlanta Zoos.
So to provide you with a huge smile on this laid back day of “ONLY GOOD NEWS,” below are a selection of stories, pictures and videos for you to revel in, do enjoy them and the rest of your Sunday:

Baby Pandas In China
Oh Baby
Panda Cams Return
Giant Pandas Born In 2013
Panda Births Hit Record High
Why Pandas Are Worth Saving

November 7, 2013

Euthanized and Harvested

A Florida Alligator sunning itself on shore.
Picture credit: John White

Recently someone asked me how I choose the subjects of the Blogs posted here.
My answer to him/her, made perfect sense, to me at least.
I said that if something makes me cry or very angry, it is going to be passed along to all of you.
What was on our news here this week  is not a new story, which is part of the reason that it must be shared, it is an ever repeating tragedy.
There are two animals in Florida that are constantly making the news, black bears  and  alligators.
When either of these two animals wander out of the safety of their worlds, into the dangerous one that Humans occupy, the outcome is frequently not good.
If a black bear behaves well, meaning, it goes back where it came from without any human contact, the bear lives, when it does not, the result can  be tragic.
But, when it comes to alligators, the authorities here, use a completely different barometer for handling them and it’s all about size.
If the errant, or troublemaking alligator, has the misfortune to be more than four feet long, it will most certainly be “euthanized and harvested, “ two words that have now become despicable to me.
The ongoing abuse towards the Florida alligator is extremely hard and sad to see on our local news so frequently.
It seems that their stories have become so common, that people have become desensitized to their maltreatment.
The strange occupants of this state,  never seem to run out of ways to abuse, hurt, maim and/or kill this remarkable creature, that surely deserves at least a little respect for its prominent place in animal history.
The latest, most recent and final prompt for this posting today, happened this week in a local town, when an alligator made the mistake of taking refuge under a car.
When it was discovered by the owner, the expected calls were made and the officials arrived.
The alligator was found to be over four feet and it was doomed to death.
The alligator is a throw back to a time eons ago, when they and their fellow cohabitors of this young planet were the rulers of all that they surveyed, roughly 37 million years ago during the Oligocene epoch.
But even though somehow, miraculously, alligators managed to survive and thrive all of this time in spite of what we have done to their world and to them, how do we reward them?
We eliminate them when they show up, depending on their size.
I am not sure if Humans will survive as long as the alligators and their fellow ancient friends, but my thinking is, do we deserve to?
Humans do not always play nice.
We are not always kind to those that we share this planet with, in fact we are often cruel for no other reason, than that we can be.
If the bible is correct and the insects do inherit the Earth, perhaps it will be our Karma?

The alligator’s story is here:   Man surprised to find gator strolling along Merritt Island Street

**Just a side note on this story**
Merritt Island Florida, where this particular alligator was found in close proximity to, is home to a huge
Wildlife Refuge, where vast numbers of animals live permanently and are considered to be safe from harm.
Those silly animals just don’t understand where they are supposed to stay!  Can’t they read the signs?

November 5, 2013

Persecuted Puppies

This is NOT even one of the worst examples of a Puppy Mill!
Picture credit: PETA

The sweetness and joy of yesterday’s posting,  is now but a distant memory this morning.
A friend on FB shared a story that has thrust me quickly into action at this moment.
I am sure that you are all aware of the sickening term ” puppy mills. “
They have made the news quite frequently here, probably because there are so many ” out of the public eye “ places to hide them in rural Florida.
They are usually run by ruthless, ugly people who care nothing for animals, other than the money that they can make off of them and their babies.
Normally, when a puppy mill is found and reported here,  they are shut down fairly fast.
If you are made aware of one of them near you, my prayer is that you make an immediate call to a news station and the appropriate public officials, who will do what is necessary to stop the suffering of innocent animals.

**When we were in Indiana recently, we were, as all of you know, robbed and were told several times to look on Craig’s List for our belongings that had been stolen because they are frequently reported to be sold there.
We were also told that there was a rash of dog thefts in the area at the same time and that the stolen dogs were being sold on Craig’s List.
Now we have also learned that many of those who run puppy mills, sell their puppies on this very same place.
I have personally had a pretty negative opinion of this website for many years, but now, it has turned to downright disgust.**
Back to the point though of this posting….
Normally publishing other people stories and/or pictures,  is not something I wish to do, but this is an exception.
Most of you know all about our Breanna and how we love and care for her, so you can only imagine how hard this page and the stories on it were to read.
But you are all courageous, loving people, who want to make the world a better place for animals, so please try to look and read and then get involved for the love of all animals, the innocents, please get involved.
They truly do have no one to speak for them, but you and me and wonderful groups like these people.
Please speak loudly!
If you have a problem getting to their FB page, I have just posted this story on mine this morning.

Here is the text and the picture:
My name is 109. I have lived in a puppy mill for 61/2 years.  I have had 11 litters of puppies and made my owner over $30,000.00. to show his gratitude, he has never bathed or brushed me….he has never placed a kind hand on me.  I have nev…er seen a vet or felt grass under my feet. The only time I am out of my 2×3 crate is when i am bred by force.  I get a little more food and a cleaner pen when i have my babies.  I am happy for a while but by 4 weeks they take my pups away  to sell them online and at pet stores and I am alone again back in my crate.  The wire floor in my crate has caused me to have permanent deep painful groves in my pads.  My nails are so long I can’t walk on a hard surface. Today, we were rescued….I am so scared, but i experienced something i have never heard before…..a soft gentle voice.”
Photo: My name is 109. I have lived in a puppy mill for 61/2 years.  I have had 11 litters of puppies and made my owner over $30,000.00. to show his gratitude, he has never bathed or brushed me....he has never placed a kind hand on me.  I have never seen a vet or felt grass under my feet. The only time I am out of my 2x3 crate is when i am bred by force.  I get a little more food and a cleaner pen when i have my babies.  I am happy for awhile but by 4 weeks they take my pups away  to sell them online and at pet stores and I am alone again back in my crate.  The wire floor in my crate has caused me to have permanent deep painful groves in my pads.  My nails are so long ican't walk on a hard surface. Today, we were rescued....I am so scared, but i experienced something i have never heard before.....a soft gentle voice.
This is the incredible group who is trying to stop this insidious “business”  please let them know that  you also care:   Stop Selling Puppies
This is a very difficult place to go, be prepared to cry.   I did.

November 3, 2013

Greens Galore~

greenseaturtle                       babygreen1
Pictured on left, a mature Green Sea Turtle and on right, a hatchling.
Hatchling photo credit:  Manuel Heinrich Emha

Today is good news Sunday and there is a double dose of it to share with all of you today!
The state of Florida is truly blessed to have over 1,100 miles of stunning coastline, making it number one in the Continental US, only Alaska has more shore line!
( This page has a wealth of information about the Sunshine State:   Florida Quick Facts )
And because our coastal regions/ areas are so immense, it comes as no surprise that Sea Turtles and their annual nesting times here, are a very big deal with the state’s residents.
2013 was a banner year for  Green Sea Turtle  nesting and because it is one of our  Endangered ones,  there is cause for huge celebration.
The plethora of nests this year, are being credited in large part to human involvement, the residents in the affected Beach areas make sacrifices during the “nesting season”  by turning off their lights every night,  to avoid confusing or distracting the little ones, who after hatching, need to head directly to the water,  not toward the houses.
The combined efforts of residents, scientists  and volunteers all over the state,  have helped to turn the downward trend around for this Endangered Sea Turtle and even though numbers are down for the others, the mood for now is positive, with gratitude for the great success at least for now, with this one.
Another positive note for the Florida Sea Turtle,  is that their specialized Florida license plate is the third most popular one in the state, right behind the Gator Nation and FSU.
Knowing the huge popularity that  these two teams and their fans represent, makes this an even more impressive statistic.
The money generated by the sale of these special  plates, which  this year was $1.4 million,  goes directly towards research in turtle studies.
You may read more about the 2013 Green Sea Turtles  dramatic nesting  increases  here:
Green Sea Turtle Nesting Doubles In Florida

New Pet Food Bank
The other good news story for this week,  is about a new program in Orlando to raise awareness for what is becoming a more frequent need in the current economy, as well as to ask for donations of all kinds of pet foods for a new Pet Food Bank that is just  starting up there.
The hope is that if those with pets who have, for one reason or another,  found themselves having to choose between buying pet food or people food,  can come to the Pet Food Bank and not have to give their pets up to a shelter,  which is always a sad choice for any family to have to make.
Better for all  concerned,  is a pet staying with its loving family and this new Orlando Pet Food Bank plans to help do just that for those in need.
Do not have any more information about them yet, but will post it here when it becomes available.

November 2, 2013

Happy Halloween

funnight  pretzels  fronthouse  blackskeleton  whiteghost
This is the joyful day that Breanna waits for all year-long.

Tonight there will be the pitter-patter of tiny feet at our door and Breanna will, as she has for the past 2 years, greet their ” Trick or Treat “ requests with the usual loving wet kisses and whole body wiggles of pure joy.
We cannot decide who gets more out of this experience, her or the tiny ones, who still clutching their mothers hands, reach way out to pat her happy face.
It is, we have decided, a tie.
We wish all of you, a joyous and a safe day and night.
We will, as we have for the past two years, be giving out little bags of ”bats and pumpkin” pretzels, which shockingly have been warmly received by both parent and kids alike.
So, Happy Halloween from our house here in the Ocala Forest, to where ever in the world you are.
May we all have a wickedly fun time.

Macaque Madness

The face of an unwanted,  cast aside, wild animal, the Rhesus Macaque.
This image: Bob Gottschalk, a local who loves them

I first heard about this man over the weekend, but did not have the time to write.
By today,  I could wait no more and needed to share this story with all of you.
It seems that in Florida, you can do practically anything to an unwanted, wild animal for a small fee, perhaps this also applies in other states?
Since 1998,  a man, or more precisely, a trapper named Scott Cheslak, has traveled down here from South Carolina, to the beautiful Silver Springs area, to capture and transport wild monkeys, to date the number he has  taken is over 700. ( this number has just been disputed as being too high )
It is what he does/did with them,  that is the what we who love wildlife object to with absolute horror.
The extremely sad details of his actions, are in the stories below, if you wish to know them.
My primary reason for wanting to bring this quite quickly to the attention of those of you who live outside our area is this:  Why is this legal anywhere?
I am sure that this monster/person will now go elsewhere and find another species of innocent animal to procure for the very same evil purpose.
The hunting, trapping, transporting, selling of any wild animal to be used in such a vile manner is despicable, yet people like this man always seem to find a species and a place to do this.
Why do the rest of us allow this to go on?
We know it is cruel and inhumane, don’t we?
Who speaks for these creatures who are suffering?
I would like to believe that it is because this crime was not known to the general public, or at least not publicized widely.
Have Humans  at  some point in our species evolution/history, lost our moral compass, our spark of righteous indignation, when it comes to the welfare, or well-being of those that we share this planet with?
If like me, you are sickened by this man’s cruel actions if what he chooses to do for a living, appalls you, please let those who can chastise and punish him appropriately,  be made fully aware of your total disgust.
No, these are not our precious personal pets, they are not the pampered, spoiled dogs, cats or other, that we share our lives with, these are unwanted, abandoned, wild animals, that did not choose to be where they are today, they were supposedly originally a part of a ”Jungle Cruise” business here in Florida long ago, that were given no respect then and are given even less today.
Now they are abandoned, unwanted wild animals with few defenders.
What right does anyone have to inflict a lifetime of pain and misery on them?
For more about this subject, please see this post:   What Right?
Now is your chance, speak up, let your voices be heard.
A petition for the Silver Springs, Florida Rhesus Macaques or monkeys is here:
Stop Trapping Silver River Monkeys

Here are some of the details of their story:
Wild Monkeys Safe From Trapping In 2013
Without Permits, Trapper Can’t Capture Monkeys
Trapper Can No Longer Sell Monkeys To Labs

Back From The Brink

brownpelican1                 baldeagleketa
On Left:  A beautiful Brown Pelican     On  Right: A  gorgeous Bald Eagle
Picture Credits:  On  L:  SFWMD  and On  R:  Keta Design

It’s  “ feel good Sunday ”  and the story today is one that makes me personally, deliriously happy.
When I was in College a professor once told the class that 99% of all animals on Earth, will become extinct.
That sickening thought has stuck with me all for all of these years and today, I wish I could see him just once more,  to say, yeah,  but……
It seems that we Humans can,  and have,  made a decided difference in the lives of so many animals,  who were at one time doomed to disappear, to cease to exist.
But, for the past fifty or so years, through our diligent, repeated and determined efforts all over the world, one by one, they are coming back, back from the brink.
Some even with a vengeance!
Just think about this;  every action, even the little ones,  by anyone of us,  every minute or hour of time spent volunteering to do something for an animal or the environment,  every refusal to use a known chemical or toxin in your home, or yard, or at work, can and does, change their lives, forever.
The Bald Eagle and Brown Pelicans have always been two personal favorite stories of what could happen when we change our behaviors.
The Bald Eagle has become an unbelievably, now common sight, nearly everywhere here in Florida, we see one almost every time we leave our house.
And the Brown Pelicans are once again, a breathtaking vision all along our Florida Coastlines,  flying in formation and giving those below reason to cheer for their very presence.
Some of the animals in this absolutely, uplifting,  positive story,  (and that is what the Sunday Blog is supposed to be as promised)  have not only survived, but are now flourishing.
And we Humans, can take a great deal of credit for this.
Although, some of those being removed from the Threatened List here in Florida, do leave me with concern, as the Black Bear, the Brown Pelican and others, in my opinion are still a bit fragile.
Another personal point of joy for me, was the news that our Crocodiles are not only,  not gone,  but are cleverly adapting and are now plentiful, although some in South Florida may not share my enthusiasm when they show up on their doorsteps~
Must consider moving further South!
While it is true that a great many of the animals  who were headed for oblivion, were due to things that we Humans did, their recovery can also be credited to us.
So the point is, if we do the right things,  we can stop the tragedies.
Each of us knows the disastrous effects that chemicals, toxins and polluted water have on a myriad of wildlife and we also know what must be done to stop it and to eliminate it.
In the end, the animals are not the only winners in this story, because what affects them, affects us Humans as well.
It all makes sense, doesn’t it?
A  clean, healthy planet makes life better,  for all of the living.
Here is the inspiring story from the Humane Society:   On The Way Back

Peddling Poison

Our baby Breanna at four months~

As you may already know, we have an Airedale named Breanna, who is unashamedly, the center of our universe.
We are very careful about everything that touches her life, especially the food that she eats, which is why the news this morning was so hard to hear.
I/we know that not everyone goes so over the top when it comes to food as we do, but we lost one to cancer and were determined that we would never allow anything questionable to ever come into our home again.
People have often remarked about the diets that I have fed my Airedales, saying that they don’t eat as good as they do.
(A former colleague at UCLA once asked if when he died, he could come back as my dog.)
No, Breanna does not get anything to eat that comes from out of this country, in fact, much of what she eats is Organic and I/we prepare it for her.
If you are curious, please visit this page to read more about her very carefully chosen diet, which has been approved by her Vet at the UF Veterinary School:   An Airedale Named Breanna
But, back to the whole reason for this posting today.
If you give your dog, or cat treats called Jerky, please do look at the package and confirm its point of origin.
If it is from China, it could kill your pet.
If you still have the receipt, you might ask for a refund!
China, as you may or may not know, has a long dirty record when it comes to food products sent to this country and indeed the world, to be consumed by unsuspecting humans and/or their pets.
The FDA says that they are on top of this, well, that would be a first!
In my opinion, the only ones with a worse record for food abuse in this country, other than China, would be our own FDA!
Their position on GMO’s, is only one example, but please do remember, that one of their top people is a former lawyer from Monsanto!
It is very sad, that as pet owners we must constantly be so vigilant in protecting them from things that others sell, that could kill them.
It is more than past time, for the United States to grow a backbone and tell China that they can peddle their poison elsewhere, the US is not buying it anymore.
Here is the story:  Dogs Dying From Jerky Treats

Sensitive Sam

Sam Champion is the host of ” Sea Rescue”
Picture credit: Litton Press Release

What day is it?
( sorry had to do that for my favorite commercial of all time, the Camel and his Hump day antics make me howl )
But today actually is Sunday, and as promised, the day for only good, positive and upbeat postings, at  least on this Blog~
The two grisly, depressing postings this week,  left me drained and in a bad place, so I was grateful that today brought  some  happy relief.
Today I would like to share a very special person and program with all of you, his name is Sam Champion and the program is ” Sea Rescue “
It is on here in Florida each Saturday morning at  about 11:30 AM, but you can check with your local  area listings for your particular times.
Sea Rescue  has just started its third season on ABC and I have followed it since its inception, being a dedicated animal lover, you can imagine the joy of seeing injured wildlife rehabilitated and then returned to where they came from, nearly 100% of the time.
Many of the stories covered on the show are in and around Florida,  making it very relevant to those of us who live here.
The variety of rescues so far have included, dolphins, whales, sea  turtles and sea  birds  and many other assorted sea creatures, who are saved from sure death and then given back  their freedom in some fairly emotional releases,  by some very dedicated professionals.
Each  week there is a new selection of  ”rescue’s ” to  rejoice in and the show is quite  well done.
The choice of Sam Champion to host this inspiring and educational  program was a smart one.
Sam has had a long,  successful career in broadcast journalism and is a pleasure to watch each morning on Good Morning America, as their resident,  first class weather anchor.
This complex, intelligent, caring, man  is involved with countless 
charitable organizations,  perhaps a reflection of the pain from personal family tragedies.
Always the cheerful optimist, he continually brings his own brand of positive energy  to those who know, work and love him, and nothing can dim the brightness of his light.
Sam,  you are an inspirational humanitarian,  thank you for being who you are.