Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

August 25, 2013

Why Seeds Matter?

  Jane Goodall,  September 2011
Jane Goodall,  September, 2011
Picture credit: Angela George

As many of you know, my education was in Anthropology and perhaps you may have read the recent posting here about Dian Fosey’s life and the movie, Gorillas in the Mist.
Today in my email, there was a story that I wish to share with all of you, actually it was an outstanding interview done by the Sierra Club recently with the remarkable Jane Goodall, who at nearly 80 years of age, still remains one of the world’s most revered Anthropologists/Primatologists.
Mary Leakey, Margaret Mead, Dian Fosey and Jane Goodall were my heroes and as women, their importance in the field of Anthropology, were as the groundbreaking “door openersfor all of the women of the science who would follow them.
What is discussed in this interview, is something very close to her heart and mine as well, it is all about seeds.
What is so important about seeds you may ask?
Seeds, are the primary source of food supplies in countries all over the Globe and for years they have been controlled by Monsanto and may I add, they do not have our best interests at heart.
This company has been written about here previously and their quite poor record on Global health issues is a matter of public record.
GMO’s, seeds and what we all  need to know to protect our world and the future of all food, which after water, is without question, a most crucial part of all human life, are discussed in the interview.
Although a recent most unflattering critique of her book reveals some issues, these remarks are about her book, Seeds of Hope, however, the issue of how extremely important seed supplies in the world are, is what should be focused upon.
What is that saying, “ let those of us without sin cast the first stone? “
Personally, my own sins would probably reach from Florida to the Moon and back~
So, if the critic’s claims are true, I can and do forgive her for her literary sins, but what I believe is much more important here for all of us, is the very bright light that she shines on the subject of how Monsanto is very successfully trying to control all of our world’s food sources.
Goodall’s book may have some problems, but her ideas about seeds, are what should matter to all of us, if we wish to have untainted food supplies in the future.
Hopefully you will have a moment to read this intriguing, passionate interview, about the potentially dark future of our world’s food.
It’s not too important, it’s only about whether or not our children and their children will have safe, healthy food to eat.

August 16, 2013

66 Bad Guys Bite The Dust!

Elephants At Zakouma National Park in SE Chad,
the tragic sight of many Elephant deaths by poachers.

Oh yes, sometimes the good guys do win.
And on this day, 66 bad guys have bit the dust!
As has sadly been posted on this Blog several times, elephant and rhino poaching in Africa is out of control and increasing at an outrageous and alarming rate.
These beautiful animals and others are continually being murdered and/or maimed for their body parts all over Africa and also India.
The long tentacles of the smuggling industry have now become Global, as increasingly
desperate people will do nearly anything to provide an income for their starving families.
But even as the numbers of those who choose this life of animal crime increases exponentially, so do those who intend to stop them.
Yesterday, Interpol a global group dedicated to among other things, ending the widespread wildlife poaching and smuggling industry in Africa, announced that with the group’s recent successful campaign known as,  Project Wendi, they have over the past few months, arrested 66 Ivory Smugglers in Africa.
The massive financial rewards for all involved in this despicable business, makes them willing to risk prison or death, for the money that awaits them.
Although this recent Project by Interpol may not stop the insanity in Africa, it is a beginning and each one arrested slows down the process, just a bit.
And another animal may live a day longer.

Read more about the great news here:
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August 4, 2013

Fin Soup Is Not Fine

A Lemon Shark
Picture credit: Albert Kok
After having to repeatedly watch some idiot recently wrestle a shark to the shore just to show off and take its picture, as well as an increasing number of Shark abuse stories, I swore that if there was even one more ugly story about them, I would have to write and that story was just delivered into my email.
What ever happened to that great fearsome beast of the movie Jaws that made people shudder with fear?
Today Sharks seem more likely to be on the news being terrorized, than as the killing machines that they have historically been known as.
One of the most perfectly evolved species ever to inhabit the seas, this virtual perfect predator, is not only no longer being avoided in fear, it is now being stalked, maimed and murdered at the alarming rate of more than 100 million a year, which has the science community fearing that they may become extinct within our lifetime.
Here in Central Florida, some locals brag that we are the shark bite capital of the world,
which is somewhat bogus because the majority of the incidences are quite minor,
with just a few stitches required to send the victims back to the beaches.
Sharks come close to the shore looking for their favorite prey, which is usually a seal and a surfer or swimmer to their eyes, looks like their favorite food, so they nibble and not liking the taste, usually move on.
In spite of this, the ugly tag remains on the areas around Ponce Inlet, as being a shark attack hot spot!
The world’s ocean ecosystems without sharks would be a tragedy, as their presence is required to maintain balance and order in the seas.
Yet again, Humans are the causal factor in this disappearance story.
Sharks all over the world are losing their lives, just as the elephants, rhinos and others, for their body parts.
In the case of the now globally hunted sharks, it is their fins which have become the key ingredient in a disgusting, delicacy called, shark fin soup!
The news is not good for stopping this despicable practice, as only some countries in the world at this time, have completely banned this outrageous animal offense.
While these few countries have issued a lukewarm ban on this issue, many more need to get on board because if we don’t, pretty soon, the only sharks you may see, will only be in either an aquarium, not good, or even worse, only in the movies.
The story is here:  Driven From Predator to Prey – Sharks Face Extinction