Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator


My name is Breanna.
This page is all about me and my adventures.
I am healthy, happy and my life is good!

Yes, I am a very nosey little girl and
have to check out everything and everyone.
I think this is what you would call a close up!

Who I Am
It is 2012 and I am now a two year old Airedale.
I live with my two pets in Central Florida.
They are such nice Humans who treat me like a Princess,
because I am one, of course.
And I rule my Home!

March 2011
My first picture in my new home.
I am 4 months old.

I am four months old here.
My first trip out at my new home.
Me and Daddy with our PT Cruiser.

I am five months old here.
I have lots of soft toys!

Here I am 8 months old.
Mommy and I take a lap at a Cancer Relay.

I am almost one year old here and a big girl now.
This is my very own pappasan bed.
It is very pretty and very comfortable.


It is Spring of 2011 and time for the Whales to come back to Florida.
Daddy and I are looking for the Right Whales at Flagler Beach.
We did not see any.

Happy Easter From Florida

I don't understand why this Easter Bunny did not bring me any candy.
I have been a very good girl and deserve to have some.

My Very Healthy Special Diet
Want to know what keeps me so healthy and happy?
This is my very special daily diet and I love it.
6 T. Steamed/Cooked Lamb, 2 t. Lo-Fat Small Curd Cottage Cheese, 1 1/2 - 2 C. Wellness Core Ocean, 2 t. Plain Organic Greek Yogurt, 4 frozen Blueberries, 1/2 - 1 C. Finely Minced Frozen Green Beans, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Spinach, Garbanzo Beans and Fresh Organic Baby Carrots.
My treats daily are Wellness Baked Treat Bars: Apple/Lamb and Yogurt/Bananas.

Why yes, as a matter of fact, I do eat better than my Mommy and Daddy.
Do you have a problem with that?
I am a spoiled little Airedale and I love it.

Some Helpful Ideas
Now that Spring is here, this would be a good time to let all of you know what my Mommy and Daddy do to to keep me safe at home in our yard.
This is what the ASPCA has to say about Toxins in the Garden:
Toxic and Non Toxic Plants

It is the middle of summer right now and very hot here in Florida where we live, so my pets, AKA, my Mommy and Daddy, thought that you might want to hear about a really dangerous thing that could happen to any pet or human.
It is called Heatstroke and here is the web site to tell you all about it:
Many thanks to Liz of my Florida Airedale Club for the great tip!

Acting Silly
During the hot Florida summers,
a girl simply has to have a big hat.

My First Trip to Indiana

September 2011
We just took a long trip for a family Reunion.
I have no idea what that means, but I got to meet lots of
very nice people who all wanted to play with me and pet me.
I got to see lots of new places in Indiana.
We stayed in Indianapolis at the Drury Hotel in Castleton.
It is a pet/princess friendly Hotel and I loved it!

This is Mary, a cousin of my Mommy's in Indiana.
She was very friendly and I really liked her.

Hi cousin Carole, I think your hair smells really nice, what kind of shampoo is that?
My mommy uses a very nice shampoo on me called Tropiclean for Puppies,
it smells like a fruit salad~

There is a lot of food here and no one seems to notice that I am not getting any of it!
I see lots of fried chicken and potato salad and I just know that some of it has to be for me~

Daddy and I went to this really nice Park in Indianapolis just named for a Navy Hero.

Happy Halloween Everybody
October 2011
Halloween is nearly here and I can hardly wait to see all of little Goblins who will be coming to our front door. We went to this Halloween Event in Leesburg and there were some funny looking things there!

This is my very own personal Halloween bucket to get candy.
Now when is someone going to fill it up?
I said, "Trick or Treat."

We also wanted to share some news about Vaccines for dogs.
This was sent to us today by Liz at our Florida Airedale Club.
We think it is a good idea and that many dogs lives may be saved.
Over vaccinating is becoming a problem and more and more Vets
are agreeing that too many shots may not be so good for us.
Please read this and see what you think:

Merry Christmas to You All
December 2011
Ok, we did the Thanksgiving thing and once again I got none of it.
So now it is time for Christmas and what do I get to eat.
Nothing but my everyday boring food.
No cookies, no candy, what a life.
So, anyway, here is my newest toy,
I call it my Christmas Santa Moose.
Of course it has a button and a buckle on it, so my fretful pets
only let me have it for a few minutes at a time.
And they watch me the whole time I am playing with it.
No chance to get into any kind of trouble at all.
Do your pets treat you like this?

Merry Christmas to all of you from the sunshine state~

Hope Everyone Had A Very Happy New Year
Today is January the fourth 2012 and when I woke up
this morning, it was 28 degrees freezing cold.
This is Florida, right?
And just in case I might get the sniffles from this most unpleasant weather,
they gave me my very own personal box of tissues~
Ah choo.......

March 2012
Spring Cleaning

I've got your hammer right here Dad,
so let's get to work!
Now that Spring has come again here in Florida and Dad and I are busy fixing up the house,
we thought it would be a good time to pass along the latest list of bad things that could
harm us from those nice people at the ASPCA:

May 5, 2012
Happy Cinco de Mayo Everybody
And since we are on the subject of food and eating,
today my pets read about some pet food recalls they think you should all know about.
They never feed me anything but Wellness and that make me very feel safe.
Here is the story, please read it and tell your pets to make sure they know about these foods:

May 6, 2012
A Follow up:
Today my pets read another recall story and this time it is about the company that makes Wellness, which is very scarey for me because it is the only food that my pets have ever given me to eat.
I am glad that I never ate this one type of their food and hope that all of my friends pets read this story too.
The food they are talking about is "Large Breed Puppy."
These recalls, whatever that means, are making me sad.
Can you big companies stop thinking about making money and do what is right for all pets?

May 14, 2012
Today was my Annual Check Up with my Doctor at the UF Veterinary Hospital.
These are the people who love me and take really good care of me there.

We check in and out here.
They are all very nice and
always like talking to me.

I am happy to come here
to see all of my friends.


This is Jenni.
I have lots of fun with her.

This is Grad Student Jenny,
 she is great.

I like looking out this window at all the
people waiting to see their Doctors.

This is Dr. Wuerz.
The only Vet I have gone
to since coming to Florida.
She is very special
and I really love her.

Dr. Wuerz works with student Jenny.


It's what makes this place the best.
Working together.


This was a really good day and I am such a lucky Airedale.
I got checked all over and loved by everybody here.
Now you know why I love coming to my very own personal Vet Hospital at the University of Florida.
You should ask your pets to bring you here too~

May 17, 2012
Oh, dear.
Another scary event in my life.
The place that makes the heart worm medicine my pet gives me every month to keep me safe was shut down in January.
My Mommy, aka my Pet, is trying to find out what to do when my pills run out in September.
Should I be worried?
I'm glad I'm not the pet.
They have a lot to do trying to keep me healthy~
See the information here:

September 8, 2012
Another year, another Reunion in Indiana~
We went back to the same place as last year and met lots of new people.

Finally, somebody my size to talk to here~

I smell chicken Mom, where is my plate?
And, I still have no idea what that word Reunion means, but this year it was even more fun than the last one.  

Once again we stayed at our favorite Hotel in Indianapolis, the Drury in Castleton, only this time we got a really big room, something called a suite?, so there was even more room for me to play in and get to know all of the nice relatives who came to see me.
They did come to see me, right?

Oh well, it was all pretty great and I got to meet lots of new people and say hi to some old friends too.

Although, I can't say I thought much of the very big car we went on our trip to Indiana in because I had to sit all the way in the back.

One day, we went to something called a covered bridge, again, no clue about this~

But, I was really glad to get back to Florida because I missed my own personal car from home, my PT Cruiser~

The Airedale Halloween Party
October 14, 2012
My next adventure was the best one I have ever had.
It was a very scary Halloween Party just for us Airedales.

This time it was at a place called the Polo Grounds, I have no idea what that means?

My pets drove us all the way down to Clearwater, where we stayed at the LaQuinta Hotel.
My pet had to do some last minute
 grooming before we went to the Party.
It was very nice and our room looked out over the pool and jacuzzi, again,  no idea what that means, but there seemed to be water everywhere all around our room~

The next day we got up and after we all had breakfast, we drove to a place called Sarasota and that is where all of my friends were waiting.
So many friends to talk to,
some old, some new.
We all played together and then later prizes were given for the best costumes, for the Airedales and their pets.

After we ate lunch we all had to say good bye, I was very sad to leave all of my friends. Sure hope I get to see them again very soon.

This is my friend Echo,
she is a very nice girl~
It was a great day and I had a really good time. We went back to our room and I feel alseep right away, I guess I was pretty tired from all of the fun.

We stayed one more day and then came home.
I always love going on these adventures with my pets, but I love coming home.

Our house is all ready for the little people who will be here very soon. I can't wait to say "trick or treat" to all of them~