Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

September 29, 2011

Is this Really a New Plan or Just a Ploy?

The USFWS has come up with a new plan to review a long list of Wildlife to possibly put under the protection of Endangered Species Act.
This move by the current administration may only be a ploy to improve their chilly relationship with Wildlife Advocates who see Obama as not such a good friend to Wildlife at present.
Will all of these strange bedfellows cozy up together for a long winters nap or be thrown out into the cold?
It is going to be a very long campaign season.
The list of the species and the plan are here: ESA Plan

September 26, 2011

To Hunt or Not to Hunt, That is the Question

When it comes to the critically Endangered Florida Panther, there is little room for error.
Even though the Panthers numbers have remained at a perilous level for half a century, hunters in Florida are demanding that the Big Cypress Preserve be opened up to hunting.
This is the only restaurant that the Panther has and the menu only has a few items on it, most importantly the White Tailed Deer.
If hunters are allowed into this area to kill them, how many will remain for the Panther to survive on?
I live in the Ocala Forest and have seen these same hunters in action, repeatedly.
They travel up and down our local roads with their dogs in cages.
The dogs are kept starving, so that they will hunt better.
After they are released into the woods, the hunters go in and kill at will.
Meanwhile, the dogs can be seen on the side of the road, their ribs hanging out, wearing their radio collars and desperately waiting to be picked up by their owners.
Some are hit and killed on the road, others have ended up lost, trying to get into our local post office or begging at local homes for food.
These are the kind of people who will do the right thing, right?
They would never kill more deer than they are allowed to, right?
So let's see, the Panther has had its habitat chopped to pieces, or virtually eliminated, now they want to take its food, what does that leave?
Maybe we could take the air that they breathe as well?
The hunters have an entire state to hunt in, the Panther has only one place left.
When the deer are all gone, the severely Endangered Florida Panther will of course take what ever it can find; cows, pets, you name it, if you were starving wouldn't you?
Come on people, think about this, it's not rocket science, it's survival.
You can read more about it and then respond/react here: Hunting Management Plan

September 23, 2011

Does It Make Any Sense to Drill In the Everglades?

Lately it seems, an increasing number of elected officials are in favor of drilling in one of the most sensitive Ecosystems on the Planet, the Everglades.
Bachmann wants to drill there and she doesn't even live here.
How could she possibly understand the impact that this action could have?
Then Scott jumped on the bandwagon, saying it might be a good idea, only to recant a few days later, after the fire was lit under him.
Crist even said it might be feasible once and also recanted quickly.
Don't these people see the ongoing impact of the Gulf Disaster as a warning sign of the likely negative possibilities that this move could have on the entire region?
When will the people with all the power start acting like responsible adults, instead of like greedy little children fighting for their own way in the sand box?
We who are not paid elected officials, can see the big picture, when will the politicians?

September 20, 2011

When it Comes to the Everglades, Everybody Has Their Own Agenda

The Everglades and Lake Okeechobee have been besieged for so long, that it is hard to remember a time when the very mention of their names, did not evoke passionate responses from all sides.
South Florida just wants the water, the developers just want the land and the cattle ranchers just want it all to stay the same.
The one party in this ongoing drama that rarely get asked for their opinion, are the wildlife, who are at the mercy of all of these warring factions.
Now, the Feds have come up with what they think is a great idea, but I guess that depends on whose side you are on.
This story reveals the Government in all its glory, just like the politicians and the lobbyists, their agenda is the best one and we should all just accept that.
In the end, who will profit, who will suffer?
Can you guess?

September 16, 2011

Broward County Implements New Rule for Manatees

Broward County, which has as many as 927 Manatees, has become a favorite winter home for them, so recently the FWC passed a new rule to protect them during this time.
Beginning November 15 and going until March 31, Florida boaters will have to slow down, not just on the weekends, but during the week too.

September 5, 2011

Store Your Trash Florida and Save a Bear!

The Florida FWC has sent out a great news memo for us all to adhere to this Fall, stash your garbage and save a Bear.
All Bears are getting ready for winter and are eating everything in sight.
The recent tragic deaths involving Bears and their cubs here in Central Florida were a direct result of them getting into trouble when thoughtless homeowners left food out where the Bears could get at it.
This is the hungriest time of the year for Bears and they will take advantage of any food that their paws can reach!
If you would like to get a Bear proof trash can, contact your local Trash Collector.
So be Bear aware and put your trash where they cannot get into it,
or it is on you if they get into trouble!

September 2, 2011

Disasters Bring Out the Best in People

Although the state of Florida did not take a direct hit from Hurricane Irene, our Eastern Coastal areas and the wild things that live there were very much impacted by the Hurricane's high tides and big waves.
Hundreds of hatchlings were brought to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach by good Florida citizens who wanted to help the latest victims of Irene.
When we see helpless things in need, how can we not?