Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

November 24, 2011

Does This Seem A Silly or Selfish Question?

I know that this may seem selfish or silly, but could someone please explain why we in Lake County or any county in Florida for that matter, must adhere to a very strict watering code, while we are giving away our very precious water to out of state companies who take millions of gallons out of the ground here daily for free?
I read in our paper a few days ago, that we must all go back to one day a week watering from now until Spring, when our "wet season" returns.
These water companies who came here, brought in most of their own employees to work, so therefore did not help with the Florida jobless problem, then they take our water and bottle it to sell to the world and pay Florida nothing for this?
This all makes those of us who live here, pay taxes and conserve water, feel pretty angry and yet no one running this state seems to mind, why is that?

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