Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

February 29, 2012

Feeding the Birds at My Window

If you feed the birds at your window, this story
may send shivers down your spine as well.  
Once again toxic insecticides have intruded into
our lives and this time they have been found in
the bird seed that we lovingly put out for our feathered friends.
The company guilty of doing this is Scott's, the ones who make
Miracle Grow and they will be paying some big fines and court
costs for their unthinkable actions.
So, now to avoid eating insecticides, we must not only buy organic food for ourselves and our pets, but also for the beautiful winged ones that we love to watch at our windows.
I am sickened to learn that for all of these years, I have been feeding poisoned food to the sweet creatures that I only meant to help.
But, most of all, I am angry with the companies who feel that they have the right to do this and that they never would have stopped, if they had not been caught and dragged into court.
What happened to accountability in American companies and their leaders?
Where has the moral compass that used to guide America and Americans gone?
Why have we as a Nation allowed greed, profit and money to become our ruler?
I personally feel that the president of any company that produces products with chemicals and/or toxins that they know will harm people and/or animals, should be forced to consume that product themselves, first.
If they become ill, or worst case, don't survive, guess their product is not safe enough for the innocents.
Seems fair, doesn't it?
Will be heading out to the store in the morning and my first purchase will be Organic bird seed.

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