Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

March 18, 2012

It Is Mommy and Baby Bear Season Right Now In Central Florida

We have another, let me repeat that, another tragic Black Bear
situation here in Central Florida.
A young bear mother with a cub who may lose her life today.
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Please ask why?
Because she had the audacity to eat at the Condo Bear Buffet in Orlando.
This particular Condo Complex has countless residents and it would appear that every single one of them has a crate right at their front door filled with garbage.
They also have on these same Buffet grounds, very large dumpsters that do not appear to even be closed, let alone bear proofed.
So, enter the mama bear and her baby one night this week, doing what every hungry bear in a buffet will always do, eating the food left out for them.
A woman came up on the snacking pair at the open dumpster with her dog and everybody panicked.
The woman turned to run away, terrified and fell down, the bear bit her on the back side.
No, the lady was not critically injured, just some stitches, I believe.
Traps have now been set and FWS says that because the mamma bear, with her cub in tow, bit a person, it must be killed.
They say they do not know what will happen to the cub.
Okay, we went through this exact same situation, minus the biting, very recently and there was a tremendous uproar, everybody went nuts about the mamma bear and the baby.
In the end the mamma bear was killed, we were not told what became of the baby.
Now, here we are again.
Yes, I called PETA and asked for intervention on Saturday morning.
They said, they are aware of the situation and that it is tragic.
Translation, they don't want to go up against FWS in this case.
There is a solution, but absolutely no one wants to do it.
Not the Condo Mangers/Owners or the residents of this and countless other similar residences here in Black Bear country in Central Florida.
We must enforce the "keep trash locked up" or Black Bear Trash rule.
If there is no "bear buffet," the bears will go away.
Every time they come into populated areas, the same thing happens, bears get killed.
Being "bear aware" should be a law when you live where they live.
Bears will eat what is easiest to get and when it is constantly put right in front of them......
Condo owners and residents need to look in the mirror when this next mother and baby die because of their lazy, selfish refusal to do what is right to save them.
We should also be going to schools and talking to kids and teachers about this.
You know how this idea works:
"Mommy we shouldn't put our trash there, the bears will come and then the mommy bear will get killed."
Trash Education can save a life, a bears life.

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