Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

June 11, 2012

Wind Farms In Florida, The Good, The Bad And The Extinct!

As a former resident of California, Solar and Wind power
were always just a normal part of our everyday lives.
There was rarely ever any controversy connected to them,
in fact most of us were proud to live in a state that was so 
Birds at Lake Okeechobee
Birds at Lake Okeechobee
Photo credit:
FAU/Richard Botta
devoted to clean energy.
But here in Florida, it is a much different story because we still have lots and lots of at-risk Wildlife.
Huge Wind Turbines, called the Sugarland Wind Project, are currently being considered for an area of about 13,000 acres that Sugarland owns in South Florida, where they can and will potentially do a lot of harm, for maybe just a very small return in useable energy.
If you read the story below from the Miami Herald, as well as the comments, you will get a better understanding of why the biggest objectors to these Wind Turbines are not coming from the usual or expected places, they are coming from Environmental groups, like Audubon and the Sierra Club.
The Everglades,  Lake Okeechobee and a nearby Wildlife Refuge are sensitive habitat areas that are home to a multitude of permanent native or resident birds, as well as a large number of visiting or snow-birds species.
Some of these locals, like the Snail Kite, are an Endangered Species and the idea of losing any more of them could simply be disastrous.
Now, who do suppose is in huge favor of installing these Wind Turbines?
That would be Big Sugar, or Sugarland, who is set to make a fortune off of this deal.
You know, those people who are already poisoning much of the water in South Florida,
including Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades with their toxic phosphorus run offs.
The stakes are very high here and the winners and losers are yet to be determined.

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