Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
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June 12, 2014

50 Years of Extraordinary Service

Lake County Supervisor of Elections: Emogene Stegall
Picture credits: Lake County

Years ago, when we first came to Lake County Florida, we discovered a very active local political group.
The political demographics are not of importance, as we were each at that time, from different ones.
But we had met and liked a couple at a local rally and they invited us to come look them over.
We did and found some we thought were of like minds, so became a part of their group.
Eventually we started going to all kinds of events, meetings and fund-raisers in the area and one of the very nicest people that we had the pleasure of  meeting,  on what was to become a regular basis, was someone it turned out, was a most remarkable person.
As it turned out, Emogene Stegall was the Lake County Supervisor of Elections.
This position was,  in and of itself,  quite an impressive accomplishment, but you see, this is a position that this amazing woman has held for the past fifty years.
Yes, 50 years!
Most people do not stay at their jobs for 50 weeks, let alone for 50 years.
So, Mrs. Stegall became an instant favorite to run into where ever we happened to be on our political journey in Lake County.
It is most unlikely, that anyone could ever top,  or even come close to her long list of achievements here.
Emogene has been recently recognized for her lifetime, or 50 years of service as the Lake County Election Supervisor and a beautiful story accompanied her  picture in our local paper, the Leesburg Daily Commercial.
Oh, to be a fly on the wall if this inspirational woman ever does her memoirs!
One can  only imagine the many great stories that she could tell of her years in this Office.
Did I mention that Emogene was ALWAYS perfectly dressed?
She was simply first class when it came to her public appearance and maintained a persona that matched the extremely important Office that she held.
Regretfully, the many wonderful pictures that we had of her and our many encounters, were lost last Fall in Indiana, when both of our laptops were stolen while we were there on vacation.
These personal pictures showed the  joyful,  warm and kind person that we were grateful and lucky to know.
Congratulations Emogene on celebrating 50 years of the best service that Lake County will ever receive from ANY employee!
What the future holds for Mrs. Stegall is yet to be determined, one thing is for  sure, Emogene will do it perfectly, just as she always has!

A lovely tribute to her is here:
Stegall recognized for a half century of service

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