Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
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July 29, 2015

A Horror of a Human

Cecil the beloved Lion in Africa
Picture credit: Unknown

What can be going on in the deranged, twisted mind of this absolute monster?
This gutless Dentist, Walter Palmer, from Minnesota not only finds pleasure in killing, but is also a repeat offender.
His latest victim, that he reportedly paid $55,000 to hunt, was a much beloved Lion and local celebrity at the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, Africa.
These are the words of the TV News story, not mine:
 “This man lured the Lion out of the safety of a sanctuary, then shot him with a crossbow and after tracking him for more than a day,  finished him off and skinned him.”

The beautiful black-maned Lion called Cecil, was quite accustomed to human interaction, so likely felt no danger, or fear.
He was basically a pet to the world, a hero, a star to be adored.
He could not have understood that he was about to be killed and to be hung on a wall, the wall of a sinister, vile human.
They say that Cecil had cubs and that they will be killed by which other Lion is next in line for dominance of the Pride.
My hope is if that some group will step up/in to remove them to a safe place, before that is allowed to occur.
As I write these terrible words to you, my chest is tight and I can barely breathe.
And if all of this was not enough of a horror, this is not the first time for this coward to murder and lie.
In 2008, this same monster also killed a black bear and lied after doing just about the same thing, he did to Cecil, hunting, killing, and lying.
Or, hunting, killing, lying, then posing and smiling.
There is valid concern, that the backlash from his vile acts, may not end just his business, but that someone in the area may take this rage/anger towards him one step further.
To quote ABC and others,  ” He has become the most hated man on the internet.”
Hearing the story and the expected Global shock, anguish, and repulsion, makes this only a tiny bit easier to bear.
What joy, what pleasure, can you Mr. Palmer, find in this despicable kind of behavior?
It is only my opinion, but it seems that some of our species have never really evolved from the hunter-gather stage and feel compelled by a dark/deep need to regularly hunt and kill a wild animal.
The difference is, this was not a wild animal, but a much adored and loved “pet.”
How much of a challenge could there have been in basically killing something that had no instincts for survival?
Dear Doctor Palmer, a Global wish for you, is the same end to your life, that you gave this beautiful, remarkable, beloved creature, because you truly are a Horror of a Human.
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