Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

August 8, 2011

Can You Love a Manatee Too Much?

You probably don't want to ask this question of me or my three children.
Back in the 70's on our first trip to Central Florida to visit my parents, we went to Blue Springs State Park to see the Manatees.
While we were there, we were allowed to get into the water and be "loved" by these graceful, docile, trusting animals.
Having them touch you and nudge you, exploring you like they were just as curious about you, as you were about them, was a once in a lifetime experience.
It was the kind of thing that stays with you all of your life, it changes you, it makes you want to protect them, no matter what.
So, in answer to the question asked in this story today, for me, for us, the answer was, is, no.
We can never love any animal too much.
I believe that humans were put on the earth to watch over the animals, not to use them or abuse them.
And as long as I am still breathing, I will always be watching out for the animals.

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