Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

August 14, 2011

Is Today a Good Day for the Everglades?

The story below is both disturbing and hopeful.
The author's observations seem to be more than just a little biased, especially considering her recent remarks about Eric Draper.
The Federal Government never ceases to amaze, first they can barely agree to work together on the US economy, now the USDA has handed Florida a $100 million check to restore the Northern Everglades.
Local farmers claim to have demonstrated that it is possible to farm without destroying the environment, having for the 16th consecutive year reduced the amount of released phosphorus and this year they claim to have increased from their average of 55% up to 79%.
Eric Draper of Audubon says it can get better, but let's take a moment to smile.
People on both sides are saying how great this all will be for the Everglades, but hold on.
Who will actually get the check?
If it ends up in Governor Scott's hands, will he really spend it on the Everglades?
So, who's hands will the check really end up in?
Will they be transparent in their dispersal of the funds?
Or will it all end up in some account hidden to be used after the smoke has all cleared?
And, if most of this money is spent on buying land, how will that restore the Everglades?
Do we really think that everyone will just do the right thing with that kind of money?

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