Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

November 25, 2012

Who Isn't A Sucker For A Baby Turtle?

 A Loggerhead Hatchling
I always go out of my way to look for any news stories about Sea Turtles  because they
are just so darn easy to love.
This year was a record breaker for turtle hatchings in Florida, so when Hurricane Sandy came,
my first thoughts were of them, hoping that they could survive the onslaught of the storm.
But, thankfully, I didn't have a great deal to worry about because most of them had already
hatched and gone out to sea to begin their new lives before Sandy ever got here.
Yes, there were some scattered reports of some nests and babies being lost, but considering the enormity, the overwhelming scope of this disaster, it could have been so much worse for many of them.
Georgia State Wildlife Biologist Mark Dodd, says that losses from storms are
" a part of the turtle's natural life cycle. "
As the massive storm neared each area projected to be affected, biologists and volunteers quickly went to work rescuing baby turtles all along the East Coast.
Overall, Sea Turtle numbers are still quite strong.
Thankfully, they dodged a really big one this time, so we will all be able to enjoy their presence for many years to come on our beautiful Atlantic Coast Beaches.

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