Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

November 4, 2012

About Next Tuesday.....

 Florida's Natural Beauty
Next Tuesday voters in this Country will be making choices that will affect not only their lives, but those of the Planet and the things that live in and on it.
These are the non human items that take forever to get on a Ballot and then become so changed over time, that their supporters barely recognize them.
In every state across this vast land, there will be so many issues and agendas represented on these ballots, that making correct choices for them will be made quite difficult.
In some cases, this is very deliberate, in others, perhaps not.
The point is, that as a free country or Democracy, we are supposed to have freedom of choice, this is one of those civil rights all Americans are guaranteed by the 15th Amendment of the Constitution.
This is where the confusion begins.
Somehow along the way, Amendments, Addendums and the like, have been allowed to become so deliberately confusing, that many feel only a lawyer could really decipher them.
So, your Ballots next week will have not only human choices, but written ones as well.
They have been put in place and written very carefully to hide in some cases, things that you may not have chosen, if you had understood what they really said.
Confused yet?
This is no accident, and this mess is called the Electoral process.
What a strange definition for deceit this has all become.
So, what am I trying to say, you may implore?
Merely this, for God's sake and for the sake of every living thing that has no voice, read and understand what you are voting for in that booth on Tuesday.
A great deal is at stake for them too.
And one last thing that was just on our news this morning, if you leave any boxes blank on your Ballot, some unscrupulous person may just fill them in for you!
Please do think about that before leaving any boxes blank or unchecked!

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